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^^; bridge to the sky...

Title: bridge to the sky
Author: argh (@ oneuldo)
Rating: PG-15~R D:
Length: 1,676 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Summary/Notes: originally written in 15 minutes with this prompt! It's just a simple scene of Jinki and Minho being lovey-dovey XD frolicking in a field/water D:
Warnings: idk, sap? XD implied smut?
Dedications: for Ryuki ♥ thank you bb~ for being the amazing person you are. I don't know what I would've done without you these past few months ♥. Ilu bb, you always inspire me to write^^; ♥

Big thanks to the amazing olebade for beta-ing this for me ^-^ ♥

Bridge to the sky



The sky was a clear, pure blue as Jinki lay on his back, smiling happily as he gazed up at the sky. The soft blue colour and the white fluffy clouds made his heart skip softly. He turned to look at Minho, who lay beside him on the soft grassy blanket. Jinki couldn’t help but think that Minho’s short hair suited him so much, he could not stop staring at him. The clear skies and soft clouds were forgotten when he had Minho right there. Sometimes it felt like a miracle to have him there, it almost felt like a dream, or perhaps this was heaven. The grass seemed to make him look even more glorious than usual. Jinki just felt so incredibly lucky. He didn’t think the day could get any better. He didn’t think he could be happier than he was right then.

Jinki had never felt as peaceful as he did right then with Minho lying next to him in the grass. Jinki always felt so much happier on the brilliantly sunny days, and with Minho, it just magnified his happiness until he literally felt like he could float away on the wind. The weeks they had been separated seemed like a distant nightmare now. Jinki bit his lip as he traced his eyes over Minho’s face, taking in the deep brown eyes filled with so much warmth and affection. Jinki found it hard to tear his eyes away. He could get so distracted admiring Minho; he was the most beautiful person he had ever seen, and Jinki was the luckiest person.

Minho sat up suddenly, leaning over to thread some daisies into a loose crown for Jinki. With a lopsided grin, he placed it on Jinki’s head, leaning in to kiss the side of his cheek tenderly. Minho’s lips were slightly rough, but Jinki could feel the beat of his pulse increasing, his happiness growing like the blossoming daisies. Jinki laughed and just leaned in to kiss Minho’s cheek, copying his lover. Jinki’s lips curved up as Minho laughed, the rich sound filling the air, so that Jinki felt surrounded by Minho’s echoing laughs. Again he stared up at him, reaching over to grasp Minho’s hand.

The meadow was lightly covered in daisies, and as far as they could see it was just grass with the little flowers dotted through the fields. Behind Minho and Jinki was a grove of tall oak trees that hid a gurgling stream from their eyes. Jinki could hear the water from where he lay on the grass. It sounded carefree, like it was laughing softly as the water flowed down the river. The sound complimented Minho’s laugh, making his heart skip in his chest. He didn’t say anything, but when Minho lightly threaded their fingers together, he nodded; words were never needed between them. They both rose up, walking leisurely up hill, the grass swaying slightly in the wind as they approached the forest glade.

They slipped into the shade under the tall trees. Jinki gazed up at the leaves speckled with sunlight spreading out to form another blanket of shimmering green. He smiled and reached out to touch the trunk of a tree before running towards the river. He could hear Minho’s laughter again, mixing with the river’s happy laugh. Jinki smiled, feeling his heart pound as Minho smiled sweetly at him. Reaching for his hand again, he inclined his head towards the river. Jinki could feel his body tingle as he eyed the stream and Minho’s twinkling eyes.

Minho laughed richly as he tugged his clothes off, sliding his pants down slowly, hearing the sharp intake of breath from his lover when he straightened up, completely naked. The sunlight filtered down through the leaves, hitting parts of his body and lighting them like spotlights. Jinki stopped dead, his eyes worshipping Minho’s superb body, tracing down the firm muscles of his abs. Jinki found it hard to breathe when Minho turned around, letting him observe his spine. He shuddered slightly as he stared at his muscled shoulders and then down his spine.

Minho turned back, winking across at Jinki and covering himself with his hand before he leapt into the water. The way he moved, his limbs moving fluidly, made Jinki think of a water nymph. He belonged in the water, Jinki knew that; he could see that. Jinki pouted when Minho stood up in the water, rivulets streaming down his skin, but most of his body was hidden by the water except the top of his chest and his dark nipples. Jinki felt sure Minho was teasing him – he was sure the water was not that deep which meant he was purposely crouching down so Jinki could not admire him.

Jinki exhaled, feeling robbed because now he could barely see Minho’s body. It didn’t matter that he had seen it many times before, it was something he would never get sick of seeing. Minho’s eyes glittered as he stood there, watching Jinki undress. The way he nervously glanced around to make sure no one was watching was cute because they both knew there was no one to watch.

Jinki shyly came down to the water, his hands covering himself, and Minho just wanted to lay him back on the grass, naked. Let the sun shine down on his body, let the sun worship his beauty. He just wanted Jinki to realise how beautiful he was. Minho sighed and waded half out of the water, reaching for one of Jinki’s hands, threading their fingers together. Tugging Jinki into the water gently, he smiled as Jinki shyly looked up at him.

It was relaxing, splashing around in the water. It looked shallow from a distance, but in the middle of the stream, the water came up to their chests. Jinki laughed with abandon as Minho grabbed a hold of him, hugging him tightly and smothering his face in kisses. The simple joy of being reunited after a harrowing time spent apart. The laughter faded so that the only noise they could hear was their ragged breathing as Minho stretched Jinki out on the side of the river bed. He was careful and moved gently so he didn’t hurt Jinki. He was still skinny after his ordeal.

The water was so shallow close to the riverbank. It nudged the sides of Jinki’s body with little waves but did not cover him. The large, flat rocks that covered the riverbed fit comfortable under Jinki’s back. Jinki gulped softly as Minho grasped his slender leg, pressing kisses along the arch of his foot. Jinki’s legs trembled as Minho kissed his way up one of Jinki’s legs, his gasps punctuating the air loudly. Minho held his leg firmly as he continued to inch up his leg.

Minho’s lips caressed every part of Jinki’s body, fluttering across his skin lightly under a glade of dark green leaves with the water lapping at his sides. Jinki’s eyes were half shut, the sun dancing in faint bright points across his eyelids. Everything felt so light, airborne so that Jinki’s limbs felt as if they could float, guided up by the soft press of Minho’s tongue and lips.

Minho’s eyes were dark and serious as he licked a hot trail up Jinki’s hip, lips moving so tenderly slow over his jutting hip bone, Jinki shuddering underneath him, his moans throaty and loud in the air. Minho kissed in between his ribs, letting his tongue slide along the ridge of bone, feeling Jinki unwind under him. His body shivered as arms flung around Minho’s body. It was a symphony of love, the music woven completely by their breathing, the soft rustle of the leaves, and the trickle of the water rushing down the stream.

Jinki’s thoughts melted and collided together in a hot sticky mess of Minho. Nothing existed but Minho in the world. Minho. Sweet glorious Minho. Jinki traced his fingers down the points of Minho’s spine, fingers splayed across his glorious back. Jinki liked the way his touches made Minho whimper softly, the way he shook against him. Jinki arched his body upwards, needing to be pressed as close as possible to Minho, never wanting to be apart. Jinki tried to fit their bodies together so not even the stream’s water was separating them. One of Jinki’s hands reaching up to cup Minho’s face, fingers stroking the fine line of his jaw, before Jinki leaned up to kiss along the edge of his face.

Jinki’s heart felt as if it was beating faster than the sound of the rushing water when he stopped floating. Minho hovered above him, angelic and handsome. Jinki’s hips rolled up as Minho tugged him into deeper water. His heart felt like it was going to burst as Minho pressed his head under water, diving under seconds later to join him. Jinki opened his eyes, blinking as Minho’s face filled his vision. The rays of sunlight danced across his skin, making him shimmer and sparkle. Jinki breathed out slowly, tilting his head back to watch the bubbles float up to the surface. The sun made the water sparkle above their heads, and to Jinki’s eyes, it made Minho shine more than usual. Jinki stared mesmerised at Minho, smiling softly under the water as he breathed out, little pockets of air rising up to the surface, before Minho moved across and kissed him. Jinki’s eyes shut as their mouths moved together, fluttering sensations flooding Jinki’s heart as they kissed tenderly underwater.

Jinki opened his eyes, his body curling against Minho’s as they kissed. He watched the sun dance on his lover’s skin. He watched it dance on the surface of the water and the green leaves shimmered through the water. Through the sheen of water, everything sparkled as Minho’s taste filled him. His lips wetly sliding against Jinki’s until he felt all thoughts being eroded away. All he was aware of was Minho’s lips brushing against his own. It felt like pure magic to Jinki; the way Minho kissed him.


Yeah don’t even know what this is D: sorry Minho! D: It’s your birthday and I didn’t have anything else to post (well I did but it wasn’t appropriate for your birthday! D:) except this short thing x____x;;
Tags: !fanfic, bday fic, oneshot, pairing: minji, rating: r
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