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you're my lover... you're my lover...

Title: serenade (drabble)
Author: argh (@ oneuldo)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 852 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Summary/Notes: Minho & Jinki find an old church and Minho expresses his love for Jinki through the piano :x
Warnings: very OTT and sickly sweet idk? unbeta-ed.
Dedications: text drabble I wrote for ryukilla the other night, when I was bored out of my mind with no internet/phone etc~! Sorry it's so short & sappy, but I wrote it to try and make you happy bb, ilu~ XD ♥




The old church was deathly silent, the old wooden floorboards did not even creak as Minho and Jinki walked across them. Jinki’s eyes were wide open as he glanced up at the stained glass windows, painting dark rainbows across the wooden floorboards with the sun’s light. Jinki giddily whirled on his feet, studying the building which was somewhat alien to him, but he could not deny the beauty of the place. It was not just the stained glass windows, but even the wood work, the way each beam was carved and finished was stunning. Jinki gazed up at the ceiling, wondering and wishing he knew what all the paintings meant, the religious symbolism behind them.

Jinki could sense Minho’s eyes watching him, he was sure the other male was smiling at his enthusiasm and excitement over discovering this quaint church. Jinki felt his cheeks heat up when he caught Minho smiling at him, he couldn’t help himself, it was hard not to be delirious when surrounded by such classical beauty. Jinki turned to Minho and motioned towards the door, figuring he probably wanted to leave, they had spent so much time admiring the wooden building.

Minho held his hand out towards Jinki, motioning for him to stop where he was. Minho’s eyes were wide and full of love, gazing sweetly towards Jinki. He twisted his wrist elegantly, indicating with a downward motion that Jinki should sit in one of the pews. Minho’s blood pulsed thickly though his body, lips curving upwards as he breathed out softly, watching Jinki sink down into the velvet seat. Minho breathed in deep to calm his pounding heart, his fingers trembling as he walked towards the grand piano. His limbs froze every few seconds, cautiously he glanced back to check that Jinki waited and watched with rapt attention.

The air felt heavy somehow, tension thrummed so loudly they could almost hear it as a buzzing tune. Jinki could sense that something was about to happen. The air felt electric and alive, Jinki could feel its pulse, slow and steady as he watched Minho walk. But he could feel something, he licked his lips as the sun’s rays directed rainbow rays across Minho’s back, the dust motes shimmering like glitter in the air as Minho was illuminated. Jinki could feel his limbs tensing slightly, the tension from the air transferred into his very bones.

Jinki nibbled on his lower lip, one hand pressing firm against his breast, as if to whisper, ‘calm, be calm tender heart,’ as he gazed intently at Minho. The flutter of his heart, like wings of a hummingbird, beating so fast they blurred together in a mesh of colours was distracting until he saw Minho’s fingers splayed across the ivory keys. Jinki leaned forward, eyes wide and focussed clearly on the image in front of him, on the beautiful boy, soft brown eyes turning towards Jinki. Jinki’s tongue felt heavy in his mouth, words were inadequate, unnecessary when he saw the affection shimmering in Minho’s eyes it was too much. Jinki’s heart felt as if it could burst, implode in a splash of rainbow colours, dazzling and as blinding as their love.

Minho concentrated, breathing in slowly but deeply as tender music flowed from his fingers through the ivory keys, the air shivering and vibrating with the passion. His hands swayed on the keys, trembling as he played the tune of his heart and soul on the piano, notes of love sashaying through the air thickly. Jinki sat transfixed, eyes glazed over, mesmerised by the symphony of love woven by Minho’s talented fingers. Jinki was unable to look away, unable to tear his gaze from the figure of love, his ears quivering as they listened to the intimate love story, eyes overflowing moistly as Minho expressed their love, their feelings through the high quavering notes.

Jinki could feel his heart beating in time to the soft strands of music twining around his body, the notes wrapping him in a delicate gauzy layer of love. He rose, walking as if charmed towards his love, fingers shaking with so much need and love as he embraced Minho. Hands stroking through his hair, dancing across his soft cheek, the music swelled thickly in the air and then stopped for a second. Jinki’s eye lashes fluttered, but as fevered lips pressed together, Jinki could hear the music swaying through every fibre of his being.

The church was lit up, glowing faintly as if alive because of the power of love. To Jinki’s eyes the beauty of the church had faded away, as if the years of use had worn away its spirit leaving it dust covered and tatty. Minho by contrast shone so brightly, he could feel their tune wrapping itself around their limbs as they kissed again, the music increasing in volume as the kiss deepened. The sun’s rays lighting them both up, so they shimmered in the sunlight as they kissed. The orchestra of their souls vibrating and growing into a crescendo that vibrated through the chambers of their hearts, creating the melody of their love.


Hi, I’ve been reading too much Wraeththu again. Idk can I blame my sap & weirdness on that amazing book? Yes I think I can.
Tags: !fanfic, bday fic, drabble, pairing: minji, rating: pg-13
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