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master list.

 master list for argh's SHINee & Infinite fictions.

(old fics can be found in my old comm: onho)

Index: { 'drabbles' | One shots | short series | Collaborations | }


« 'Drabbles' »

in other words anything less than... 2,000 words. XD (top^)

PG-13 to PG-15

» serenade (852)
Started out as a text message I sent ryukilla one boring Saturday when we couldn't talk. She wanted me to expand it, so I did! XD Features old churches and Minho playing the piano (expressing his love) for Jinki. In other words total sap, cavity inducing sap!!!!
Posted on Minho's birthday!

» somewhere I belong (430)
Yeah another drabble. Someone shoot me -_- what is with me and writing all these drabbles lately? *sigh* This one is about Jonghyun feeling like he doesn't belong with SHINee. Blah. For ryukilla.

» home run (667)
JongYu is 'watermelon line' so uh this was inspired by that pairing name and my favourite scene in Triple, where Joongki kissed Haru. Yeah I know, this is far too inspired by triple. Probably only really makes sense if you've seen Triple :/ ^^;; Really I should stop myself from watching Triple again :/ sorry.
Written for my sweet darling dongsaeng onewlurver

» Hey hyung... (684)
Minho wakes Jinki in the night to talk XD
(A certain someone wanted friendship/platonic fic so I wrote this.)
Written for the 'death lover' XDDDD aka Kiti! ♥

» wet dream (744)
This is a drabble written in strongbabypanda's Bonded universe! So check out her lj to see her fics!
Onew has a wet dream~
For lefty_215 ♥ forever my top!Onew muse LOLLL

» Inadequate (777)
Jonghyun feels short and unmanly XD
Written for ryukilla's Replay for Japan fic!

» Water (660)
Written for my frustration with earthquakes (and the lack of clean water). :/ And they're still going on T_T

» Machinery (1,854)
Random drabble I wrote after thinking about stuff and how much SHINee travels. :/ And just work in general. Blah.

» Panda(?) (742)
Dongwoo loses something precious to him...
First attempt at Infinite so probably fail .__.

» The Fact (455)
Howon corners Dongwoo to tell him something! XD Sorry if this is OOC too :/ still trying to get to know their characters D:


» Bridge to the sky (1,676)
Originally written in 15 minutes with this prompt! Expanded and edited! And I made it the unofficial sequel to something else I wrote blah. It's basically a romantic scene with Minho & Jinki frolicking around in a field and river lol. Has sorta/almost smut XD
Posted on Minho's birthday!

» 8 'infinite' drabbles project thing D: (all pairings; all for sacryde♥)

» Can U Smile (445)
Jonghyun/Minho; PG-13
Written in about ten minutes, to cheer up sacryde ♥ Oh and written on a full moon night! D:

» (????..) Voice Of My Heart (828)
Minho/Onew; R
Best way to describe this is WEIRD, OTT colour smut. So ridiculous it should make everyone laugh ._. Again written in about 20mins. Full moon. Ugh. Also for sacryde


« One shots »


PG-13 to PG-15

» Heading for the sun (4,816)
Written with the prompt "Dubulge" in mind lol! Set in space^^ and Minho is jealous of the Dubulge! XDDD
Posted on Jinki's birthday!

» Accept (5,147)
Sungjong has a chat to himself in the middle of the night, but Hoya walks in and overhears him. Things get awkward for both of them after that.
(Was meant to be a drabble .__. but ended up this long fml).

» Journey of Kismet (4,626)
Taemin/Kibum, Ninja!Minho/Onew;
This is a story about coincidences and misunderstandings and how things just have a way of working themselves out.

» Hidden Feelings (5,498)
This is about unspoken words and locked away feelings and how they cause tension (and slight competition). (fail summary oops).
'50 member request fic' for sweatnitemare


» the forest (3,910)
A story of a boy falling in love with the forest (and the almost magical boy who lives there)... (reposting because I fail :/ somehow managed to delete this EVERYWHERE and since it's like my second favourite fic ever ._. I decided to repost it)

» Play (2,071)
A velvety smooth voice is all it takes to lure him in...


« Short Series »


PG-13 to PG-15

» Vanilla Sky:
{ one | two | three | four | five } (14,049)
Jinki's friends drag him out ice skating and when he discovers his crush is coming too he just wants to run away. But Jinki can't run or hide, and is embarrassed and worried he'll make a dick of himself in front of Minho. It's basically a late Christmas fic ._. (Okay I fail at summaries T_T; but I kind of like this fic :/)
Christmas fic :c

R to NC-17

» A boy brushed in red:
{ one | two | three } (13,867)
This is a story about the darker shades of black and white, where people are punished for misunderstandings...
'50 member request fic' for eechiyo

» Without you:
{ one } (18,000)
Jonghyun/Minho, Onew/Minho, Jonghyun/Minho/Onew;
About broken hearts, falling in love and rekindling old loves.
'50 member request fic' for shan_ah_non


« Collaborations »



» To Be Free: by kat_elric & argh
{ one | two | three } (26,000+)
Engagement parties are a cause for celebration and Jinki’s is no exception, but when Minho, who he thought to be long gone, walks into the party, he will bring with him memories and emotions that may upset the delicate creation Jinki has made his life to be.
♥ This was originally written for the 2011 shinee_duets challenge. I had so much fun writing this with kat_elric ♥ I feel very privileged that I was paired with such a talented and awesome writer!
Tags: !mod, *masterlist
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