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I FAIL :/ (repost from onho since I deleted this there *stupid*)

Title: the forest
Author: argh (@ oneuldo)
Rating: R
Length: 3,910 words
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Summary/Notes: A story of a boy falling in love with the forest (and the almost magical boy who lives there)... (reposting because I fail :/ somehow managed to delete this EVERYWHERE and since it's like my second favourite fic ever ._. I decided to repost it)
Warnings: unbeta-ed ^^;
Dedications: originally written as a 'good morning' fic for ryukilla ^^; and now it's morning for her, I'm posting it. I hope you feel better soon bb, ilu okay? And also for eijifujiryoma ♥ *hugs* ilu too^^

The Forest

TofuHo something XD


Once there was a boy who loved the forest near his house. Despite his parents warning him that the forest was full of dangers he would still sneak into the forest every day. He loved wandering amongst the trees, looking up at the sky filtered through the green leaves. The way the light shone through the leaves, in varying shades of green fascinated him, and he could spend hours gazing up at the dappled green foliage. There were so many colours and Jinki loved how the light changed everything, in the coolness of the morning, the greens were richer and darker, but as the sun’s rays filtered down lighting everything up, the greens became almost creamier, and bright, filling Jinki such happiness and warmth.

The forest drew him in, it called to him and he wanted to go there. It made him feel comfortable unlike the town, with its dusty streets, and the dull grey and white buildings. Jinki felt constricted, a weight pressing down on his chest when he walked through the town, the air felt oppressive and bitter. The forest however, filled him with freedom and he found the air was so sweet, and inviting. The forest felt like it was a part of him, and so despite his parent’s warnings he ignored them and went into the forest.

He was a clumsy boy, and even though he fell just about every day in the forest, he still loved it. There was no scolding voice when he fell and skinned his knees, just the twittering of the birds. Often it felt as if they were asking him if he was okay, and he always smiled warmly up at them. He loved the freedom of being there alone. He could run along and scream at the top of his lungs and there were no people around to hear or laugh at him. He laughed and smiled as he sat against the trunk of a tree, listening to the steady drip of the rain, and watching them drop gently down on the leaves around him. The forest was so beautiful, he could never understand why his parents told him to stay away from it. He never felt danger, instead it filled him with a sense of warmth and safety.

One day he was running freely through the trees, laughing as his fingers touched bark and leaves, when he tripped on something and he found himself falling flat on his stomach, the air knocked out of him. He lay there for a few moments, feeling winded, until he felt something press against the small of his back. He blinked and then shut his eyes as he felt hands touching his shoulders. His body tensed when he felt the touches, he suddenly found it hard to breathe, gulping in oxygen with a raspy noise, and a small voice whispering in the back of his mind, that maybe he had found the danger his parents had warned him about.

He squeezed his eyes shut, his whole body rigid and tense as he felt the person tugging him to his feet. The hands kept touching his shoulder and back, and he swallowed quickly, wanting to open his eyes and dart away, but he was scared to see what was in front of him. The boy kept his eyes scrunched shut, and he just stood there, his heart racing faster and faster in his chest. He wondered where the birds were, it suddenly seemed so silent and quiet in the forest, making him feel so alone. He felt bewildered and confused as he felt the person patting him down, his hands touching him everywhere, and when his hand grazed lower, the boy’s eyes shot open.

“What… what…” He started to mumble and then trailed off as he saw hands brushing the dirt away from his clothes. Large hands wiping away the leaves and dirt he had managed to cover himself in when he fell, and he looked up to see a tall boy, watching him curiously. The boy left his words hanging in the air, he swallowed gazing up at the new boy, who looked as if he had been sleeping in the forest. He had leaves tangled in his long hair, and a streak of dirt across one cheek.

“Sorry.” The boy smiled a crooked sort of smile, his large doe-like eyes filled with warmth, “I didn’t mean to trip you up.”

“Oh,” He stared in shock, stepping backwards as he looked up at this strange boy. He felt shocked that he had tripped over this boy’s legs, feeling mortified that he had not even noticed someone there. “Oh… I’m sorry too. I don’t know how I didn’t see you there.” He mumbled rubbing his face and feeling like an idiot, he did not know he could have missed seeing this boy.

“I’m Minho, by the way.” Minho grinned across at him and then shrugged, “its okay, I’m quiet I tend to blend in. I’ve seen you before... you like it in here a lot don’t you?”

“Ohh,” Jinki’s mouth went dry, and he remembered how he was running around like an idiot, singing at the top of his lungs. Words seemed to fail him, and fidgeted with his hands, cheeks turning red as he remembered how he always fell, and how often he sang in a funny and loud voice. He was always singing loudly because he loved the way the forest amplified his voice, and it just felt better singing there than at home. He looked down the ground shifting from one foot to the other, wringing his hands together, unable to meet the other boy’s powerful gaze.

“What’s your name?” Minho asked him, he sounded so gentle when he spoke, and Jinki found he did not feel quite so bad. “How is your knee?”

“I’m... Jinki,” The boy smiled back at him, he felt awkward meeting this random boy in the forest but it was something different, it was something unexpected. “My knee is fine....” He added, as he ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes darting around looking at the forest and then they were drawn back to Minho. The boy found that his nervousness soon disappeared when Minho smiled warmly down at him.

Instead of heading straight home, he found himself wandering around the forest with Minho, looking at different features, like the mushrooms clustered to the side of a tree, looking like a tiny village of fairy houses. Seeing the way the wild flowers twined along a vine and almost seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. Jinki felt as if he was seeing the forest for the first time, his heart felt so light as he realised he had missed so many beautiful images.


Jinki felt awkward after that but he could not stay away from the forest. At first he tried to avoid the other boy, because he was not sure how to talk to him. He stopped singing loudly, aware that Minho could be anywhere. However, he soon found that he wanted to find the other boy; that he felt curious about him, curious to know why he was there in the forest and what he did. He soon found that even if he did try to avoid him, he would somehow always end up spotting him.

He would be walking along watching a butterfly flit through the air, moving so elegantly it danced through the air, when he’d look over and see Minho sprawled against the trunk of a tree. The casual way Minho would just blend in with the surroundings, or just be pressed in close to a tree trunk, made Jinki’s tongue stick to the roof of his mouth, words disappearing so silence stretched between them. He realised that even if he felt at home in the forest, he did not belong like Minho did.

It was obvious to him that he stood out, and Jinki would run his fingers together, blinking his eyes rapidly, words leaving him with silence when he kept running into Minho. At first he tried to pretend he did not see him, but it felt rude, and he slowly just accepted it. Soon they were meeting daily in the forest, and Jinki found he had so much more fun with Minho then by himself. He would find himself walking under a canopy of trees, watching dragonflies and butterflies dance in the sunlight, Minho a warm but silent presence by his side.

One day he was laughing so hard after Minho had made some random comment, Jinki found himself falling backwards until he was lying on his back. Leaves and grass under him, looking up into the branches of a tree. He rubbed his head, and shut his eyes as he felt Minho’s fingers touch his wrist lightly, it comforted him. He opened his eyes to see Minho leaning over him with a worried expression and Jinki felt a weird sensation pool in his stomach. The cluster of leaves high above Minho, seemed to frame his face, and the way the light shone down, lighting up Minho’s hair made it look as if he almost had a halo. Minho’s velvety chocolate eyes seemed to shimmer intensely, and Jinki just stared up, unable to look away or do anything, but gaze into Minho’s face.

He moved without really thinking, realising that he couldn’t keep lying there staring at Minho. Jinki sat up right away, shutting his eyes because he felt mortified for staring so long, but as he moved he collided against Minho. His eyes fluttering open as their mouths crashed together in a painful crush. Jinki groaned in pain, pulling back as he heard Minho cry out too. His heart was racing so fast, Jinki felt like it was going to explode, and he gulped, touching his lips gingerly where Minho’s soft lips had just touched. He avoided looking at Minho, his eyes darting around their surroundings, but then he quickly looked at Minho, his eyes widening as he saw blood on his lip.

“You’re bleeding!” Jinki leaned over towards him, “I’m so sorry... I’m so clumsy!” He swallowed nervously as he inched his hands out towards Minho’s face. He wanted to touch his mouth and wipe the blood away, but he felt awkward to do that. Jinki felt his face heating up as he stared at Minho’s lips; and the trickle of blood down the side of his lip. It was the most awkward kiss ever, but Jinki found his eyes were drawn to Minho’s lips, it felt as if he was really seeing Minho for the first time.

“No it’s fine!” Minho shook his head and laughed softly, “Really, Jinki it’s okay.” He nodded his head, and licked his lip slowly, lapping up the blood with the tip of his pink tongue. Jinki stared, watching Minho carefully, his cheeks flaming as he saw Minho glancing over every few seconds. “Jinki, it’s okay, um I’m sorry too!” He looked across at him, smiling warmly and he found his cheeks felt hot enough to fry an egg.


Jinki tried to avoid the forest for a few days, but he felt depressed and lethargic, and so after the fourth day of avoiding it he found himself heading straight back into the forest. Jinki’s legs felt twitchy, and he was aware of the way his heart seemed to thump harder as he stepped into the cool forest, wandering aimlessly for some time. He was distracted, and walked around not noticing much, Minho’s lips filled his thoughts completely. He found himself down by the river, and he stood there watching the water swirl and eddy past, the sunlight skipping across the little rapids.

When he turned around, Minho was standing behind him, smiling slightly. Jinki managed a nervous smile, staring at Minho’s tousled hair, and the way he looked like he had been running, he was panting softly as he stood there gazing across at Jinki. His skin was wet, and Jinki was not sure if it was water or sweat, but either way he liked it. Minho stepped closer to the riverbank, and Jinki found himself stepping closer to Minho, unable to stay away from him.

They didn’t say anything but he followed Minho down a small track, brushing past foliage and trees. Jinki exhaled slowly when they stopped walking and he leaned back against the rough bark of a tree. He tilted his head up, glancing up at the way the branches spread out thickly, and the way the leaves rustled in the wind. The sunlight shone down through the tiny gaps in the leaves, filtering down to the ground and lighting up pockets of the undergrowth. He stared up mesmerised by the way the light danced on the leaves, and he went to look down again but Minho was right there. Jinki swallowed and opened his mouth to speak, but Minho’s lips were crushing against his softly. The verdant greens of the leaves, and the dark warm browns crashing down over him, colliding into a rainbow of colour as Minho kissed him.

His eyes slid shut and he found himself arching up on his tiptoes, his heart pounding fast as Minho’s hands pressed him back against the trunk of the tree. The bark was rough on his back, but it made him aware that this was real, that he was not dreaming. He glanced through half opened eyes noticing the dappled sun kissed surface of the leaves, and the sun’s sparkling light seemed to consume him, filling him with this warmth as Minho’s mouth continually pressed soft against his. Jinki’s body felt light, as if it was only Minho’s hands and mouth holding him upright, and he floated feeling the tip of Minho’s tongue delicate against his lips. The way their mouths moved together made him melt, and he felt only conscious of Minho’s mouth, and the way he tasted. The sweet taste of musky pine trees and a hint of something else flooding his senses until it felt as if he was being kissed tenderly by the forest he loved so much.

When Minho pulled away, Jinki’s arms were loosely wrapped around his torso, and he felt so heady and woozy as he looked up at the taller boy, feeling dazed and mesmerised. Minho licked his lips, and Jinki found himself leaning up on his toes again, leaning forward to kiss the other boy’s lips. His eyes slid shut as he felt Minho’s hands slipping around the back of his head, cupping it and holding him steady as they started to kiss again, their lips moving together fuelled by passion.

His knees felt weak when Minho stepped back from him, one hand resting on his side lightly. Jinki sucked in a deep breath and he leaned back against the tree. Through his half shut eyes, he could see the fading light hitting Minho’s shoulders, the way he tilted his face down at Jinki, framed by the dark green foliage. He sucked in a deep breath as Minho touched his cheek lightly, and Jinki swallowed again, biting down into his lip, arching up into the touch.

Jinki wanted to stay; he wanted to stay pressed up against that tree with Minho’s body pressing against him. He wanted to lean up and snare those lips again, curl his fingers in Minho’s clothes and just kiss him. Kiss him until Minho’s taste and smell was burned onto his skin and mouth. Minho’s hands stroked along his cheekbone, and Jinki leaned into the touch, trying to ignore the setting sun. But he knew he had to go, and he sighed softly as pushed Minho’s hand down. It was so hard for him to push Minho back, but he had to go.

“Minho... I have to... go.” Jinki whispered looking down at the leaves covering the ground, and he bit down into his lip as Minho leaned in to kiss his cheek gently. He nodded his head slowly, his fingers twined around Jinki’s wrist as he slowly pulled away. “I’ll be back tomorrow.” Jinki nodded his head slowly, his heart thudding painfully as he left.


One day Minho showed Jinki his house, a small cave hidden by the river. A bush hid the entrance neatly, and the little wild flowers winding along the edge, made Jinki feel welcome. It was cosy and warm, and Jinki marvelled at the way Minho lived in the forest, his house entirely natural yet inviting and warm. Jinki’s eyes sparkled as he saw the little table, made from fallen branches, and the way Minho’s eyes lit up as he saw how much Jinki liked it.

Jinki squeezed his eyes shut, moaning as he curled into the surprising softness of Minho’s bed, his eyes fluttering as he rolled onto his side. Jinki's eager fingers reaching for Minho's body, watching Minho so intently as he curved his lips tenderly against Jinki’s side, making him whimper desperately. Jinki’s body felt so light and he felt truly alive for the first time, as Minho’s lips kissed his shoulder tenderly. He felt like a plant, growing, stretching towards the light, his body shifting and trying to reach closer to his sunlight, to Minho. His heart pounding faster as Minho’s fingertips traced down his torso, each touch marking sensitive territory. Jinki could feel the touches in every part of himself even in the tips of toes and the bend of his elbows

Minho’s fingers splayed out across his slender ankles, his fingers inching up Jinki’s body, second by second. Jinki found it hard to draw in enough oxygen, his breathing growing more ragged as his heart pounded like a drum, and his skin seemed to burn where Minho touched him. A trail of burning hot desire sliding up his body, and his heart felt as if it would leap out of his chest.

The only sounds he could hear was their ragged breathing, the soft rustle of the wind in the trees, and the trickle of the water dancing down the river. The sounds seemed to combine and drift over Jinki, making his head spin as Minho’s hands caressed him everywhere, and he shivered into the touches. Jinki bit into his lip, feeling his pulse race as fast as the river, and he wanted to fly in the air, free as a bird when Minho slid in against him. Jinki could feel so much heat building between them, it felt explosive, he felt feverish, sick with some strange need as their sweaty, legs tangled together. His hands felt sweaty, and he stiffened as Minho’s hands slid along his legs, spreading them gently.

His back arching up as Minho pressed down over top of him, and their bodies aligning to become one. Pain blossomed behind Jinki’s eyes, and he shuddered slightly, it was painful but there was something beautiful in the way Minho was right there, part of him. In the way he could look and see their bodies merged together, he shivered and gave way to the pleasure, the pleasure Minho was flooding him with.

Jinki moaned loudly, his fingers curling against Minho’s sweaty back as they moved together. Their hips colliding so that Jinki watched stars burst and explode. His eyes fluttering as his body floated along the edge of the forest, a butterfly flitting elegantly above the flowers, and soaring up to the green foliage of the trees. The colours swirling and eddying around him, like currents in the river, and he shuddered feeling the colours merge in a bright rainbow and then they exploded, shattering like crystal. Jinki groaned, his limbs felt light as feathers, and his head rolled from side to side as Minho completed him. All he was aware of was Minho, gorgeous, sweet, amazing Minho.

Jinki’s eyes were shut and he inhaled softly as he felt Minho’s fingers sweep aside the hair on the nape of his neck. Minho leaned down and kissed his neck softly, fingers and mouth stroking and kissing hidden, awkward parts of Jinki, letting him whimper into Minho’s touches. Minho’s fingers curling into the crook of his elbow, and his lips daintily pressing to his lower back. Jinki shivered, sweat beading on his skin as Minho continued to cover him kisses, the heat making him sway dizzily. Minho’s fingers slid into his kneecaps, his lips and tongue sashaying across his inner thigh, flames lapping across his skin in swirls of white hot heat. Jinki trembled, his skin felt scorched and burned, his senses ignited by the moist wet touches of Minho’s tongue.

He moaned, arching his back, all sense of balance lost as Minho’s head dipped down, his lips kissing that sensitive spot on his thigh again. Lips brushing against his overheated flesh, causing sparks to shudder through Jinki’s veins, a kaleidoscope of colours and senses washing over him. Minho’s fingers curling around Jinki’s slender ankle and he cupped the smooth curve of his butt.

Jinki inhaled loudly as Minho’s arms came to rest against his waist, Minho’s skin had a slight sheen of sweat but it just drew Jinki in closer. He sucked in another deep breath, feeling so warm and dozy as Minho’s arms wrapped around him, spooning him tenderly. Jinki pressed his hands over top of Minho’s, his fingers twining around Minho’s, and his heart skipped in his chest. He never wanted to leave Minho’s cave, he never wanted to move again. Jinki rolled over onto his other side, facing Minho. In the flickering candle light he traced his fingers down Minho’s face delicately.

The shadows hit Minho’s face, illuminating the sharpness of his nose, his eyes glittered softly in the dancing candle light. Jinki’s fingers curved around his face, cupping his cheeks, he leaned in to kiss Minho, his mouth craving the other boy desperately. His limbs trembled with exhaustion, his whole system felt overloaded, but he felt amazing, he had never felt so good. He shivered as Minho kissed him softly, his hands reaching down to explore Jinki’s body again.

He didn’t want to go home, he wanted to stay there, and as Minho’s arms curled around his waist, pushing Jinki onto his back gently. Jinki breathed in deeply, studying the roof of the cave, as Minho moved to cover him, pulling himself to rest on top of the other boy. His face hovering inches above Jinki’s, and he pressed his hands down between their bodies, fingers splayed over his jutting hipbones, Jinki’s chest heaving as he felt himself soaring up high again. Jinki sucked in a deep breath as Minho leaned down and sucked on his collarbone, his eyes sliding shut and his lips curved up, his heart skipping so fast again in his chest. For the first time ever Jinki felt like he belonged somewhere, and he stroked his fingers through Minho’s slightly damp hair, smiling and moaning as gave himself completely to Minho.

He knew then as Minho’s mouth marked him, he knew that he was not going anywhere. He was not going back to his parent’s house or back to the dreary and dull town. He was going to stay right there, curled against Minho, he was going to stay where his heart and home was. Jinki smiled as he wrapped his arms tight around Minho’s waist, leaning up to kiss along his collarbones. Jinki sighed happily, as he felt Minho’s hands stroking him gently, he knew he was home finally.


OKAY THIS IS THE PRODUCT MY POOR DISTRACTED AND DELUSIONAL MIND. The whole time I wrote this I was um chatting in MSN and on Skype at the same time :D. So even if I wasn’t looking at either of those I was still hearing other people talk LOL so um yeah. Slightly distracted D:

Ugh and I love how this was meant to be a SHORT (yeah I don’t do short) story (although it’s not that long). LOL in my head, I was envisaging a short fic like the one my friend Satsuki writes. Every time she’s coding a new layout she has a little short story posted (just for some content) and it’s so cute. So the day I wrote this when I was half asleep I was thinking how much I liked how she does that. So I was thinking about how I could do that for our community as a filler entry. Except um yeah it ended up being much longer, and the whole distraction thing D: kinda meant I forgot parts and forgot how it was meant to go.

And yeah sorry it’s so rough D: but um I just decided to write it and post it~ with almost no editing D:
*fails* :D But I blame my friend for that – she commented that she wouldn’t start writing a TofuHo fic until I posted a fic! D:

And I actually like this :/ which means meh, not many other people will! XD But I’ve accepted that fact a long time ago – the fics I hate seem to get more comments. XD And the fics I’m actually proud of, yeah they don’t get many haha. Maybe I’m just a terrible judge of my own writing (I think I am actually), so perhaps when I feel proud of my fics I should think “this is actually crap, if _I_ like it”? XDDD

7 is my favourite number shalala~ ♥

Tags: !fanfic, oneshot, pairing: minji, rating: r
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