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Runaway 010, onew/minho, pg-15

runaway 010
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So. This is just something I randomly started to write. You could say I started writing it when I felt frustrated with many things and just wrote it for my personal amusement and with no real purpose. lol.



“Cheers,” Jinki held his soju glass up against Minho’s. Jinki concentrated on the glass, almost glaring at it and his hand as if willing them to dare misbehave and shake. Jinki sucked in a deep breath, feeling like his muscles would turn to jelly if Minho didn’t drink soon. Holding his hand steady became even harder with Minho’s gaze watching him, lips turned up in slight amusement as if he knew of the internal battle Jinki waged.

Biting his lip, Jinki knew if he kept holding it, he was going to end with soju spilt everywhere. Plus he had no reason to wait for Minho. Slowly he brought his hand forward and turned his face sideways, although that was a big mistake too.

Minho’s apartment was small, tiny in fact. There was nowhere to hide, Jinki tried not to look too obviously at Minho’s double bed, but it was all but impossible to avoid it. Especially when Jinki turned his head at the perfect angle to look at the bed, he felt like groaning. As Jinki lifted the small glass to his lips, he found himself studying the bed, somehow the fact that both pillows were in the centre made him relax a little. What surprised Jinki the most were the reasonably bare walls. After all the teasing Minho gave Jinki for his bare walls, he expected paintings, photos, or something like that splashed across the walls, not just empty walls.

The soju hit Jinki’s mouth and he resisted the urge to make a noise, the taste flooding his senses. Jinki couldn’t help but smile. Jinki turned back to see Minho was still watching him, but Jinki felt less awkward now, and he unashamedly held out his glass for a top up.

“Cheers,” Minho smiled across at Jinki, before turning his head to the side, and then tilting back his glass and downing the shot in one go. Jinki smiled and did the same thing. Maybe this would be okay. Jinki thought as he swallowed the alcohol, but then Minho was still looking at him. That half smirk, half smile across his face, and Jinki felt tingles slide down his nerves. Why did Minho keep staring at him like that? Jinki felt his throat go dry yet the soju from earlier and just now was starting to affect him just a little.

Jinki could feel bubbles rising inside of his body, his thoughts felt scattered and haphazard. Oh god, I’m scared. I don’t want a repeat of last time. Jinki tried to breathe and think calmly, but his brain felt like mush. Want. But shouldn’t. Fuck. Minho’s eyes. Lips. I want to… touch. God. No. No. I don’t. I do. Jinki sucked in another breath wondering if coming here was the biggest mistake of his life.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me,” Jinki’s head shot up, and in the dim light of Minho’s apartment he could barely see Minho’s eyes or read them at all. He could feel Minho’s gaze on him, but it was too dark to read anything from Minho. Jinki breathed deeply trying to stay calm, and ignore the rapid beating in his chest wishing for once that Minho’s voice gave something away. Anything. A hint. A clue. Is Minho mocking me? I am so obvious that Minho is making fun of my silliness?

“Nothing?” Jinki stumbled backwards when Minho stepped forward. Jinki tried to stop himself from moving, but he couldn’t just stand there. Not when he couldn’t read the situation and Jinki’s instincts said to run. Jinki took each step backward one at a time as Minho shifted forward. Jinki couldn’t help but wonder if he had misread this whole situation, because Minho’s voice had no emotion in it, and Jinki could barely see his face. He could be frowning or smiling and Jinki couldn’t tell with the lighting.

“Nothing!” Minho replied back loudly, and in one second he shattered the tense atmosphere, his laughter echoing around the room. Jinki shrank back trying to avoid Minho’s arms but he he grasped Jinki’s wrist anyway, slender fingers stroking along Jinki’s skin. Each touch felt electric, Jinki could feel the hairs standing up and he never wanted Minho’s hand to move. Jinki felt as if his bones were giving away, and he relaxed into the hold, feeling hot and cold as Minho’s grip tightened and it felt like home.

“I missed you so fucking much.” Minho’s voice was husky and raw sounding, a punch right to Jinki’s chest, and he stumbled back again on shaky legs. Why was Minho doing this, did he want Jinki to fall on his face. It really wasn’t fair how easily Minho tugged at Jinki’s heart and body. Nothing Minho did was fair, he always got Jinki so rattled and worked up and yet Jinki felt as if he had no effect on Minho.

Jinki swallowed, stepping back and then blinking when his knees hit something and Minho pushed him gently. Jinki’s eyes widened in shock, for a split second he thought he’d misjudged Minho until the soft bouncy mattress was cradling him in its arms. Minho above him and Jinki lay there wondering why he was so stupid. Minho’s face looked beautiful, the lips curved up into this soul eating smile and Jinki couldn’t feel the mattress anymore.

“I missed you too,” Jinki smiled up at the ceiling as Minho settled on top of him, hands reaching down to take Jinki’s forgotten glass from his hand. Jinki swallowed and looked up, hopeful and desperate until Minho’s mouth was brushing against his. Lips against lips, smooth and slightly rough, exactly what perfection felt like to Jinki. He had been drowning and now he could breathe again. Minho’s continued to press soft kisses against Jinki’s lips, deepening the kiss after some time and Jinki felt like a teenager again, the pounding of his heart loud as they kissed, and Jinki couldn’t function or think not when Minho’s was right there with him.

“Hey,” Jinki panted softly, when Minho let him come up for air. Jinki’s head was full of air, he felt dazed and confused, letting whatever random thoughts come floating out of his mouth. After a second or two, he felt clarity return to him.


“You should uh, redecorate,” Jinki replied solemnly, motioning with his arms, “You know all this white space and bare walls,” Jinki paused for effect, blinking his small eyes up at Minho who was stunned into silence.

“It’s really not healthy,” Jinki finished with a small nod and Minho burst into laughter.

“Hyung, I’m trying to seduce you.” Minho muttered in amongst his laughter.

“You don’t need to try,” Jinki rolled his hips up against Minho’s thigh, hoping he got the hint or rather felt the nudge from something hard, “and I’m just reminding you of the past.”

“And you don’t need to,” Minho smiled down at Jinki, “But fuck I want you.” Minho whispered before he leaned down to kiss Jinki again. Jinki’s eyes slid shut as Minho’s lips moved against his, derailing his thoughts from their tracks and letting them slip down unknown paths.


:D *skips away merrily~* lalalalalalalalala~~~~~~~~ SHINee are the best \o/ Blonde hair Jinki /cries forever
Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: pg-15, series
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