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Damn Minho!

Damn Minho

Minho likes to tease his hyung too...

this is a rough sequel ('squeal'...) I wrote to Heaven's fic: Damn Jinki.

I tried to... write it in a similar style to Heaven's! ANYWAY posting this because it's Dar's bday~ (lmao Darry Dar~ I'll post something else for you later \o/)

Kibum was amused by the way Jinki and Minho acted around each other, well some of the time it was just irritating. But he mostly was amused by their silly antics. Half the time they flirted like crazy, and the rest of the time stared at each other like alley cats sizing the other up, ready to fight it out. Kibum had to admit that Jinki and Minho’s interactions were strange, cute and just downright flirtatious.

Sometimes Kibum wanted to scream “just do it already!!” to them, but out of consideration for Taemin, Kibum kept quiet.

Jinki flopped back against the couch, knowing that he should get up and make his way into his bedroom. He could hear Minho in the kitchen still, and so Jinki stayed put, curious to see what Minho would do, he had been remarkably quiet after earlier. To be perfectly fair Jinki was sick to death of Minho flirting with him, it was time for him to man up.

Well. Jinki knew he could man up too, the problem was it was just so much fun to tease Minho. Jinki yawned, and let his eyes slide shut, spreading his arms out on either side of him. Jinki breathed out deeply when a rustling noise, made him open one eye up and Minho stood there, arms in front of his chest.

“You’re a liar, hyung.” Minho breathed out, his lips stuck out in a cute pout, and Jinki grinned back at him. Maybe he was a liar, but Jinki was sure he knew exactly what Minho was thinking about earlier.

Come on, Jinki caught Minho staring at his dick when he was peeing earlier. Sleepily Jinki just shrugged, he had half a mind to reply wittily, but he felt too lazy. It was more fun winding Minho up when there was an audience.

“It’s not good for your reputation to tell lies,” Minho seriously replied, and then sank down onto his knees in front of Jinki. Jinki felt the blood rushing down inside of him and his eyes opened wide in shock. Wait, was he reading too much into this? Jinki pouted, yeah he was, Minho wouldn’t he would never… fuck. Maybe… he would?

Jinki swallowed when Minho’s hand rubbed against his crotch, and then nimble fingers were unbuttoning the fly of his boxers. Sweet fucking hell, Minho… really was going to do this. Jinki tried to calm the fuck down, but when the guy from all of his (embarrassing) wet dreams was grasping Jinki’s hardening cock in his fingers, there was no calm. Fuck no. There was only a great rush of holy motherfucking shit Minho’s hand around my cock.

“You said I gave you a blow job,” Minho panted in a soft whispery voice, and Jinki gulped slowly, finding it hard to think of any response other than “Fuck yes! ” Minho’s fingers stroked Jinki’s cock firmly, and Jinki spread his knees, shifting forward to watch as Minho opened his mouth.

Minho was too slow, so Jinki lifted his hips and pressed forward, groaning loudly as the wet warmth of Minho’s mouth washed over his cock. Jinki shuddered, Minho’s mouth felt so damn good around his cock. Jinki felt as if all of his senses were shorting there was only one need and that was to roll his hips forward into that glorious suctioned warmth.

Jinki’s fingers tangled into Minho’s hair, shuddering repeatedly as Minho showed Jinki just how talented he was with his mouth. Minho’s tongue stroked waves of desire down Jinki’s body, making him whimper and keen as Minho worked his mouth. Jinki lost track of time, of life of everything until the only thing that existed was Minho’s mouth around him, and then Minho swallowed and Jinki saw white.

Jinki’s hips surging up and he panted loudly as he came, white spilling into Minho’s mouth.

When Jinki opened his eyes again, Minho was smirking down at him, white dripping down his chin, and it was the sexiest thing Jinki had ever seen. Jinki reached up to wipe the trail away, bringing his fingers back to his own mouth to taste.

“I’ll lie every day,” Jinki whispered, stroking Minho’s chin, “I will.” Jinki declared with a small nod.

“Shush,” Minho replied with a swipe of his tongue against his lip, his tongue glistening with Jinki’s come. Jinki swallowed saliva, feeling the pull in his groin, he was going to get hard again. Whimpering, Jinki lifted his head and pressed kisses against Minho’s mouth, sliding his tongue along the edge of Minho’s lips, they tasted salty and weird, but it turned him so bad.

Jinki’s eyes slid shut as Minho opened his mouth, and Jinki lapped up every salty trace in Minho’s mouth, kissing him deeply and messily. It felt so amazing and Jinki couldn’t help but press up against Minho, Jinki’s hands working their way into Minho’s jeans to grope his ass. Still kissing Minho, Jinki struggled and finally unzipped Minho’s pants, groaning against Minho’s mouth as he worked them down.

“I… lied about sex too,” Jinki panted, pressing kisses into Minho’s skin. Jinki knew he should be ashamed wanting Minho this much, but who could resist Minho? Jinki whimpered as he slid a finger in between Minho’s firm and glorious butt. Who knew Minho’s ass would feel even better than he had imagined? It was so pert and smooth, his fingers wanted to linger and stroke it all night. And Jinki’s cock felt so hard, only Minho could make Jinki’s cock throb this much after a blow job. Jinki felt as if his whole body was tingling, he needed Minho so much.

“You did,” Minho kissed Jinki’s cheek, reaching down to fondle Jinki’s dick again, and making Jinki see stars. He needed Minho so much, and Jinki had been waiting for this day for so damn long. Jinki petted Minho’s backside, reaching around to spread the glorious cheeks when Minho wriggled and then pushed Jinki back from him in one quick move.

Stupefied Jinki stared up at Minho from the couch, blinking his eyes rapidly as Minho stood up and pulled his jeans up.

“Minho?” Jinki panted out, still finding it hard to think straight when raging hormones filled his entire body. There seemed to be a chorus of little Jinki’s screaming for Minho in his head.

“You said I tried to have sex with you,” Minho smirked as he zipped his jeans up, “You never said that we had sex.” The sound of the zip made Jinki deflate, and he whined up at Minho, wondering how he could do this to him. Jinki was so turned on, and Minho was just being a tease, Jinki whimpered as Minho walked away. Jinki sighed as he was left alone with a raging erection, all thanks to Minho.

Damn Minho!

(And Kibum gulped, regretting his decision to sneak into the living room to witness the scrap between Onew and Minho. Kibum had a sinking feeling that Jinki would try and get revenge on Minho, and Kibum most definitely would not come out to witness that!)

Tags: !fanfic, drabble, pairing: minji, rating: r
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