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Runaway 009, onew/minho, pg

runaway 009
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So. This is just something I randomly started to write. You could say I started writing it when I felt frustrated with many things and just wrote it for my personal amusement and with no real purpose. lol.

Posting today :D after receiving sweet messages from shinyshawol & jinkho kamsa~~ ^O^;; I'm a little groggy so sorry for the mistakes >.<;; I was meant to be posting the side story first D: but since I'm stuck with it... I left it...

“How about dinner?” Jinki panted softly as he stood looking worse for wear in front of Minho’s desk. Of course Minho looked perfect as always, his hair and clothes immaculate. Jinki felt scruffy and awful especially when he noticed Minho’s personal assistant staring at him.

Jinki ignored the stares of the people in Minho’s office, they weren’t important. He had spent two hours tracking down and finding Minho’s business. It had started to pour while Jinki was walking and he had no umbrella, so now he stood dripping wet in front of Minho’s desk, his hair stuck down to the sides of his face. Jinki was sure he looked completely terrible, but somehow he hoped Minho wouldn’t hold that against him.

“Hyung, what happened? You’re all wet.” Jinki frowned as Minho ignored his question. But the expression in Minho’s eyes, and the way he gazed at Jinki made his thoughts slip and slide away until they were almost gone. Jinki blinked, reaching up to try and neaten his hair, this really was a bad idea coming to Minho’s work looking like a mess. Minho

“It’s raining outside, I forgot my umbrella, now dinner? How about tomorrow night?” Jinki tried again as Minho’s expression started to derail Jinki’s thoughts again.

“Cheolyong, can you please grab my spare shirt for me, thanks!” Minho called out to the guy, and Jinki felt his cheeks heat slightly, he figured he must look like a drowned cat. But then Minho turned and smiled across at him, and Jinki felt light airy, he could float forever on that smile.

“You’re going to get sick,” Jinki tried not to smile when Minho grabbed his arm, tugging on his dripping sleeve and motioning for him to follow him. Jinki wondered how many more times Minho could avoid his question, each time it was getting harder to ask, the gap in his armour seemed to be closing up again. But each time Minho looked at him, Jinki felt alive and as if he could dance down the corridor.

Minho’s grip tightened, until he was almost holding Jinki’s wrist, and Jinki found it hard to breathe as Minho lead him down through the main office, still holding his sleeve and then into a corridor before leading him into a bathroom.

“Saturday suits me better,” Minho replied as he released Jinki’s sleeve, his fingers moving to Jinki’s shirt and he began to unbutton it. Jinki could feel his heart starting to race, this was bad, really bad. Jinki swallowed and tried to stop his racing thoughts, Minho was just trying to help him. But all Jinki could think about was Minho’s fingers on his skin, those smooth palms stroking down his torso and then lower, much lower.

“But hyung, I don’t think we should have dinner.” Jinki stood up straight as Minho’s fingers paused, half way down his shirt, and his thoughts stopped dead the air being sucked out of him rapidly like a burst balloon.

“Why shouldn’t we have dinner?” Jinki ignored the way Minho frowned at him. Jinki tried to say that he was single too, maybe he was a coward because the words just seemed stuck in his throat refusing to come out. Jinki knew he should say them, but no matter how much he opened his mouth, he couldn’t get those particular ones to come out. I made up about a boyfriend, I was talking about a stuffed elephant toy. Because that would make Jinki look good, the sad, single loner.

“Because you’d cheat on your boyfriend?”

“How can you say that… I… I…” Jinki frowned back at Minho hating himself for always stopping and not letting those words out, I don’t have a boyfriend! Do you think I’d be here if I really had one?. Jinki frowned and then decided he would get Taemin to tell Minho the truth later, deciding that Jinki felt calmer and he reached up to push Minho’s hand from his shirt and towards his chest.

“Hyung,” Minho sucked in a deep breath, “because if we have dinner, I won’t be able to keep my hands off you. I want to kiss you now, I want to undress and fuck you now.” Jinki glanced up and he could see the desire swirling thickly in Minho’s eyes, it made his blood burn hotter in his veins.

Jinki shuddered slightly, it took all of his efforts to control himself. He wanted it so badly too, he wanted Minho so much. It really didn’t help that it had been years since that one time they had had sex. And now Minho was standing here touching Jinki’s shirt, so close to touching his skin. It sent tingles coursing down though his body and Jinki wanted to grab Minho’s hand and press it firmly against his skin.

“So we shouldn’t have dinner, because I don’t want you to cheat on your boyfriend.” Minho finished and Jinki watched as Minho’s hands trembled in front of Jinki’s chest, until Minho pulled them back. Jinki swallowed and tried not to think about how easy it would be to slide out of his clothes and just be with Minho.

“8pm on Saturday night then,” Jinki nodded, he smiled at Minho’s confused look, and he began to unbutton the rest of his shirt. Jinki’s lips curled upwards when he saw how Minho watched him undo every button, it made Jinki’s groin tingle and he just wanted to lean forward and claim Minho’s lips. Jinki reached the last button of his shirt, swallowing as he heard Minho’s breathes growing louder and louder. Jinki took a step forward, his legs trembling as he reached one hand out towards Minho.

“Boss? Oh, sorry, I didn’t meant to interrupt,”

A voice called out and Jinki felt his face heat, and he stumbled back against the sink again, watching as Minho turned away from him. Jinki shivered slightly, feeling ice slide down through his body, just like that the moment was gone.

“Uh, you asked for your spare set of clothes and I uh brought a towel too, thought it could be useful,” Jinki watched as the guy handed Minho a clean shirt and pants, and Minho smiled warmly down at him. Jinki breathed out slowly as he saw how the guy blushed and smiled shyly back at Minho. Jinki swallowed trying not to glare at the guy, the way Minho smiled at him made Jinki feel irritated and he watched to snatch Minho’s gaze back to him.

“Yeah thank you, Cheolyong,” Minho smiled and nodded, “Thanks for thinking of the towel.”

“Okay, I better get back to work,” Cheolyong bowed to Minho and then left.

“Hyung, um here are some clothes for you to change into.” Minho smiled and placed them on the counter next to where Jinki stood, his shirt unbuttoned but Minho had slipped back into office mode. It stung a little but Jinki felt used to it. Jinki swallowed and wondered if Minho really felt any desire for him or was it all just in his head, his own desire overriding his common sense.

“Thank you, and I’ll see you at 8pm on Saturday night right?” Jinki smiled hopefully across at Minho, turning so his chest was visible under his opened shirt. Jinki sucked in a breath as he saw Minho’s gaze drop before it slowly returned to Jinki’s face. Maybe it wasn’t just him?

“Yeah hyung, okay.” Minho nodded, “Look I have to go, I’m sorry hyung.” Jinki nodded, watching the way Minho left so quickly. Jinki towelled himself dry and then dressed in Minho’s clothes, they were a little too big but otherwise fine. Jinki smiled when he breathed in the scent of Minho’s clothes, it felt as if Minho was holding onto him tightly in his arms and it made Jinki feel so light and airy again.


Jinki sneezed softly as Minho held the door open for him, he wanted to protest about Minho holding the door for him but decided he wouldn’t complain. Jinki stood up straighter when he realised that Minho was standing there staring at him, it was funny because the way Minho looked at him made Jinki feel taller and he felt proud of himself somehow.

It was a beautiful evening, and Jinki sucked in a deep breath as he gazed around at the twinkling lights twined around tree branches. Everything was illuminated and shone so brightly against the darkening night sky. Jinki couldn’t help but smile as he stared happily, forgetting that they were meant to be walking away from the restaurant and finding somewhere they get another drink.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it really is,” Jinki smiled and turned to look at Minho, in his charcoal grey suit, with a white shirt, they were simple clothes but Jinki felt they really suited Minho and made his dark eyes stand out even more than they did usually.

“Thanks for dinner hyung,” Jinki shivered as he felt Minho’s hand grip his elbow, “Are you still working in the same place?”

“My pleasure,” Jinki smiled back at Minho, “No, I moved to a new magazine, um the Seoul Metro, have you heard of it?”

“Really? I didn’t know that hyung, it’s a great magazine, I have a subscription to it actually I had no idea you worked there now.”

“Yeah it’s great, lots of fun.” Jinki nodded, “Should we go and have another drink, or would you rather do something else?”

“Actually hyung,” Minho bit his lip, making him look adorable, “can I ask you about your partner?” Jinki nodded, he had avoided the topic all evening because he didn’t know how to broach the subject and it just became more awkward. So Minho asking actually made it easier.

“To be honest, I um lied to Taemin,” Jinki admitted, feeling slightly ashamed, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” To Jinki’s surprise Minho began to laugh, and at first he thought it was a mocking laugh but then the warmth and the music of Minho’s laugh filled Jinki’s heart with warmth and he smiled back up at him.

“That’s great,” Minho sounded out of breath, still laughing, “let’s go and get that drink hyung, we can go to my place it’s not far from here, it’ll only take us ten minutes to walk.”


Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: pg-13, series
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