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Tbh I'm thinking about stopping posting here... I haven't made up my mind yet.

Instead I'll use this journal to (try) and promote Onho instead. ^^;;

I'll finish posting these fics at AFF I suppose. Idk SHINee (or Onho) fans don't really like me much on LJ (most of them) so.. I'm just sick of... trying here. ^^;

I'm also planning to make an Onew/Minho fic exchange, would anyone be interested in that?
(any suggestions for a name would be appreciated)

SO instead of you guys having to suffer with my shitty fics and bad writing XD you would just see me pimping out other Onew/Minho fics or the Onew/Minho Fic exchange.

THe only reason I keep posting is because it makes me sad to see so few Onew/Minho fics on LJ. But it is kind of pointless and stupid. So I'll stop, I just hope someone who can actually write decently would come and post a lot of fanfics. :)

send me a message thru lj (I reply faster to tweets: @yapikao) if you want to finish reading "runaway" etc and I'll give u a link!

Please don't view this as me abandoning Onew/Minho T____T; it's just me being sick of posting fanfics in public. ^^; I'll love Onew/Minho forever :D

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