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Surprises, Onew/Minho, R


Written for this prompt: "minho catches jinki jerking off." taken from here~ Jinkihyung: Onew/Minho anon fic meme

I probably stuffed it up, coz I'm bad at following prompts :/

Minho let out a contented sigh as he walked back into the dorm, he felt so relieved to finally get home. It had been such a tiring a day, and Minho really just wanted to collapse on his bed and sleep (or perhaps read a little). Anything was fine as long as it involved his bed and not much else. Minho glanced around the living room, nodding his head as he saw Kibum sprawled across the couch, and Taemin sleeping across his lap. Minho glanced around looking for the other two, until he heard the sound of the shower followed by some loud singing. So if Jonghyun was in the shower, where was Jinki?

Minho blinked and headed over towards their bedroom, he smiled as he began to turn the knob, opening it slowly. Maybe Jinki was sleeping already, Minho thought to himself. Just as Minho began to open the door, he heard a soft, moan floating out to him. Minho froze in the doorway, his eyes widening in surprise. What the hell was that? Minho swallowed, wondering if Jinki was having some kind of dream, when he heard another softer moan, and he felt goosebumps rising. What if it was a ghost? Feeling anxious, Minho yanked the door open and rushed into the room.


Minho froze when he saw Jinki's bright red face, and the way he shifted uncomfortably on his bed. Minho frowned, he had heard moaning and Jinki was fidgeting, which set off alarms in Minho's head. But then he dismissed them, no this was Jinki, his gentle leader, there was no way he was doing something like that on his bed. Minho smiled and nodded across at Jinki until he realised something was up, because Jinki had moaned.

"Hyung... are you okay?" Minho couldn't stop himself from rushing over, maybe Jinki was injured?

"I... uh," Minho wanted to smile seeing how flustered and embarrassed Jinki looked, his whole face was flushed and he wouldn't meet Minho's gaze.

"Hyung," Minho sat down on the bed, frowning when he saw how Jinki protectively hugged his bedding close to himself. Minho looked around for some blood or visible sign of injury. Minho blinked when he saw his t-shirt, the one he wore jogging early clutched in Jinki's hand around his waist.

"Hyung, is that my shirt?" Minho asked leaning forward to reach for it, Minho intent on his shirt, didn't notice the way Jinki's eyes widened in horror. Minho frowned when Jinki clutched the shirt tighter, not letting Minho take it. "Hyung, what is going on?" Minho gave one more tug, and his shirt came free in his hands, and Minho's eyes widened in shock when he saw the way Jinki's hand was stuck down his jeans.

"It... it's not... what you think!" A flustered Jinki was trying to mumble, but Minho's brain couldn't help but think the opposite. Especially when he how Jinki's jeans tented out in the front, and when Minho saw the picture, his heart began to thud loudly in his chest. Minho felt his jaw dropping open as he saw the shirtless picture o of himself, and Jinki's hand pressing into his jeans. "I promise!" Jinki shrieked, and Minho could see his eyes were watering, and Minho was so stunned he sat there silently processing everything. Jinki curled into a ball and burrowed under his sheets, so when Minho finally made sense of everything all he could see was a quivering mound of sheets.

"Hyung?" Minho whispered, feeling like he had just been shown a vision of the future, or been given enlightenment. Jinki. His beautiful, gorgeous hyung was jerking off to a picture of him? Minho's hands trembled as he sat there speechless, Minho didn't know what to do, but then he realised Jinki was embarrassed and hiding under the sheets.

"Hyung," Minho began to tug the sheets back, smiling when Jinki struggled to stay hidden. And Minho got glimpses of a bright red Jinki, trying to hide his face and body from Minho. "Hyung, don't be embarrassed," Minho patted Jinki's shoulder lightly, rubbing circles into his skin.

"It's normal," Minho nodded his head, wondering how to calm Jinki down, "Hyung, I'll show you what I normally look at when I get off, if you stop hiding?"

"You... you do it too?" Minho grinned hearing Jinki's shaky voice, and it somehow made him feel so happy to see how unsure and insecure Jinki was about this. To see the normally semi-confident and unflappable Jinki blush and get so embarrassed, it was reassuring. Minho didn't feel so awkward anymore, and he couldn't stop grinning. He wanted to caper around the dorm shouting out what he had just seen, but he realised Jinki would die if he did that.

"Yeah," Minho stood up, wondering how Jinki would react if he showed him what photograph he used, "all the time," Minho admitted, feeling his cheeks heat up when he saw Jinki peeking over the top of the sheet. Minho smiled sweetly when he saw Jinki's small eyes blinking rapidly at him, and his fringe covered his forehead so Minho could only see his hair and those adorable eyes.

"Really?" Jinki sounded a lot more confident now, and Minho nodded again, watching as Jinki let the sheet slip down.

"I'm sorry Minho," Jinki whispered, "You must hate me, because... well yeah." Minho held back a grin, watching how Jinki's face paled and he squirmed around, and that was when Minho realised, Jinki was still hard. Jinki still had a boner, it made Minho's mouth water and he swallowed, inching unconsciously closer to Jinki. Somehow, he had to help him out. Even just thinking it made Minho feel warmth pooling in his groin, and as exhausted as he was (the fact that he was so stupid and slow, meant he was really tired) he really wanted to help Jinki out.

"No hyung," Minho had one goal now, one goal in mind now that he knew that Jinki was attracted to him. "I could never hate you, actually I have a confession to make." Minho shifted closer on Jinki's bed, nodding his head earnestly. Jinki was squirmed around on the bed, wriggling around under the sheets and making Minho's heart jerk around in his chest. Jinki was so adorable, it just made Minho want to smile and just press a million soft kisses into Jinki's heated skin.

"I get off to your image, too," Minho whispered, but he knew Jinki heard him with the way he stopped dead, and his eyes widened a little bit as they focused on Minho. Minho opened his mouth to speak, but then Jinki was shifting, rolling around, and Minho reached out to grab Jinki's arm, but he was too late and instead he watched Jinki roll onto the floor a heap of limbs and loose jeans. It was too much to bear, especially when Minho heard Jinki groaning softly.

"Hyung, don't run," Minho slid off the bed and pressed his hands down against Jinki's slender waist, and he carefully turned Jinki over and pulled him into his arms. It made him want to weep when he saw Jinki cringed but pressed in against him, all hot and just driving Minho wild when he felt Jinki's body fit against his own. Jinki squirmed and half turned, making Minho shudder with the way Jinki rubbed against him, and he could see the way his jeans still stuck out the front, Jinki's black underwear poking out of his unfastened fly.

"Let me, help you." Minho suggested, boldly pressing a hand down to cup Jinki's erection, and at first Jinki thrashed trying to break away, but when Minho lifted his hand, palm rubbing firmly against Jinki's, he felt Jinki freeze, and he let out a soft whimper. Minho felt his brain melting when he rocked his hand up again, and Jinki's hips jerked erratically down to meet him. Oh god, Jinki was thrusting into his hand, and Minho could feel himself getting so hard, he felt as if he was shaking in excitement.

"I... uh," Jinki mumbled, shifting around on Minho's lap so he was half facing Minho, his thighs pressing down over Minho's lap and making his brain short circuit as he felt Jinki's thighs shift against him. It was the sexiest thing ever, and Minho could only moan in response, his hand shaking as he stroked Jinki through his jeans.

"Never.. done this..." Jinki mumbled again, making Minho's head jerk up, and he could see Jinki trying to look away, trying to hide, but his hips kept rocking down against Minho's hand. Minho frowned, trying not to moan too loudly as his heated brain tried to make sense of Jinki's garbled words. Minho shook his head, there was later for talking, and feeling bolder he slid his hand up Jinki's length loving the way his touch made Jinki buck up harder, hs face scrunched up in ecstasy and he moaned loudly.

Minho lifted Jinki's underwear and slipped his hand inside, moaning loudly when he gripped Jinki's length and he could hear the singer gasping loudly, his whole body trembling as Minho's fingers stroked his length. Minho let his eyes slide shut as he traced his hands up and down Jinki's erection, he was so hard and could feel his whole groin tingling as he touched Jinki's cock. Minho's fingers slid around the head, and he shuddered, rolling his hips up as he felt how wet Jinki was, the way his cock was leaking so much precome. Minho swallowed, and wondered if Jinki would let him take him in his mouth.

"Hyung, wait, wait, I want to taste you," Minho gasped out, and before he could suggest that they move onto the bed, Minho heard Jinki let out a soft gasp, his body shaking violently against Minho's, moans flowing freely from his mouth, and Jinki was coming in spurts against Minho's hand. Minho let out a faint sigh, lifting his head from Jinki's jeans, and biting his lip, until he saw his hand covered in Jinki's come.

"Sorry," Jinki apologised, "I... uh sorry." Minho lifted his hand to his mouth, licking up Jinki's come, it was kind of adorable how Jinki burrowed into Minho's chest, hiding his face again. And Minho could hear him mumbling but he couldn't work out what he was saying until he heard the word, "virgin" making Minho gasp, in surprise.

"No, don't be sorry," Minho patted Jinki's back, stroking him through his shirt, unable to stop smiling.

"But... I came too soon," Jinki mumbled against Minho's chest, "It's embarrassing."

"You mean, adorable," Minho tugged Jinki back, brushing the wisps of hair out of his eyes, and cupping Jinki's face tenderly, "It's not embarrassing," Minho repeated, smiling as he leaned in to press soft kisses against the tip of Jinki's nose. Slowly Jinki's arms slid around his waist and Minho pressed soft kisses into all of Jinki's face, finally brushing against Jinki's plump gorgeous lips. Minho felt like his heart was beating out of control as he kissed Jinki delicately, he could feel the fluttering inside of him as Jinki shyly responded, and he could feel Jinki getting bolder with the way he moved his lips against Minho's. It was too much, and Minho could feel his heart bursting with happiness as they kissed tenderly.

"It's embarrassing," Jinki repeated wrinkling his nose when they finally pulled away, "I came too fast."

"It's cute," Minho stuck his tongue out at Jinki, "In that case hyung, we will just have to practice," Minho wriggled his eyebrows at Jinki, watching as Jinki's mouth opened in surprise.

"Practice together," Minho nodded, his hand inching down towards Jinki's jeans again, "until you feel less embarrassed. Is there anything else, you're embarrassed by?" Minho cocked his head to one side, grinning when he saw the way Jinki stiffly nodded and he turned bright red again. Minho stroked circles across Jinki's back, until Jinki relaxed against him again.

"Hmm, hyung, don't worry," Minho tried to reassure Jinki, "I'll show you everything."

"But... but I'm a virgin," Jinki mumbled, looking mortified, "I can't... ask..." Jinki stuttered and wriggled, trying to squirm away but Minho grabbed onto his hips and held Jinki firmly in place.

"When... you're ready," Minho breathed out slowly, trying to stay calm as he envisaged sex with Jinki, it made his cock ache so much.

"We can tackle that, together," Minho shuddered softly, trying not to whimper at the mental images, and he felt Jinki shift against him, letting out a shaky moan. Minho blinked and glanced across at Jinki, surprised to see that he was shyly looking away, and Minho realised he could feel something rubbing into his hip.

"Oh god," Jinki whimpered softly, "Sorry." Minho glanced down, and he couldn't stop grinning when he saw that Jinki was hard again. This was the best dream ever, Minho hoped he would never wake from it. Minho beamed across at Jinki, feeling his own cock throb painfully, and his heart was pounding, like it was sprinting down a track determined to win the race.

"Hyung, ah I guess it's time for your second lesson," Minho couldn't stop grinning as Jinki squirmed in his lap, his eyes wide open and it shook Minho to see the way Jinki looked at him, as if he was the hottest, sexiest person ever. It made Minho's heart pound even more, seeing Jinki's eyes and the way he watched Minho, it was so damn sexy. Minho couldn't help but groan, as he squeezed Jinki's waist gently, his exhaustion hidden under all the adrenaline pumping through Minho's body. Minho leaned forward to kiss Jinki gently, his hand reaching down to fondle Jinki again, and it just blew his mind that he was actually touching Jinki. Minho didn't care if he got no sleep, because kissing and touching Jinki filled him with so much energy, Minho felt as if he could run up Mount Everest and down again.

"Thank... you," Jinki whispered, his hips starting to jerk against Minho's, and Minho just shook his head.

"Hyung, don't thank me, just... go on lots of dates with me," Minho panted softly, thrusting his hips up lightly against Jinki's body, "Please hyung." Minho begged, finding it hard to think straight when he had the most gorgeous man pressed against him again. Minho felt his world implode when Jinki smiled sweetly and just nodded his head at him.

"Yeah, Minho-ya, please show me," Jinki whispered looking all shy, and Minho groaned and felt himself coming. Jinki was embarrassed for coming too soon? Minho thought he should feel embarrassed, but he just felt delirious, insanely happy, even if he had come just from hearing Jinki's words. Minho shuddered and tugged Jinki closer, whimpering from the little noises Jinki let out. Minho couldn't stop smiling as he coaxed Jinki into coming again, and in his head he began to plan elaborate lessons in his head, all centered around making Jinki come. It wasn't long before Minho was hard again, but before he could get his release the bedroom door was opening.


Minho felt Jinki tense in his arms, and he wrapped his arm around Jink's middle, feeling glad they had moved to the bed.

"Smells like sex in here," Kibum wriggled his nose, and Minho gripped Jinki tightly to stop him from hiding again.

"Kibum," Minho frowned but Kibum ignored him.

"Next time Minho, ew, don't jack off when Jinki's in here, that's just gross. Poor hyung, he's sleeping and you’re jerking off with him in bed? Sick bastard." Kibum shook his head, and Minho laughed softly, realising it looked like Jinki was just sleeping.

"Yeah, I'm sick," Minho replied, pressing his hand firmly against Jinki's stomach, feeling Jinki shift against him, his backside rubbing lightly against Minho's crotch.

"But you know I can't help it, I just like hyung too much. I hope he likes me as much as I like him," Minho stroked Jinki's stomach, smiling and ignoring the way Kibum rolled his eyes at him. Once Kibum had gone to bed, Minho sighed deciding Jinki had fallen asleep, so he made to get into his own bed when Jinki clutched at his wrist.

"Minho-ya, I really like you," Jinki whispered, and Minho could feel the heat radiating off his cheeks, "Please stay..." Jinki pressed his head against Minho's chest, making him melt completely and cling onto Jinki tightly. How could Minho refuse and why would he want to, when he had sexy, shy, gorgeous Jinki pressed up against him. Minho had a feeling he wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight, no he would be tracing out Jinki's form in the darkness and just holding onto him. It was the happiest day ever, Minho thought as he felt Jinki's hands tug on his shirt, pulling him closer.

*sigh* sorry unbeta-ed but since this has been sitting here for over a year :c I decided to post it...sorryyyy...
Tags: !fanfic, meme, pairing: minji, rating: r
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