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sleepless nights 002

sleepless nights 002 (side story for "runaway")
onew, minho, onew/oc, onew/minho... implied? idk?
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When I started posting "runaway" I remembered all this background stuff that never made it into the fic. So... I guess this is my attempt provide some of the background history on them! It was suggested to me that I should post this before I finish posting "runaway"... which is why I haven't been posting "runaway" because I was writing this side story.


“Is Taemin here?” Minho shyly asked Jinki as he stood in the doorway, studying the smiling boy.

“Ah, he’s not actually here. But come in,” Minho felt his heart thump as Jinki’s smile widened, his eyes vanishing into little slits, the sunshine seemed bright at that moment.

“It’s okay?” Minho slid his shoes off in the doorway and slipped on a pair of slippers before following Jinki. Minho’s eyes lingered over Jinki’s back, he wasn’t skinny like Taemin, nor fat, but almost plump but it was attractive to Minho. He looked healthy and Minho kept staring at his thighs, remembering how muscled they had looked and Minho felt his cheeks heating, and he felt dirty somehow. Quickly Minho tried to think of something to say, anything to say other than, “you bare body looks so good”.

“Do you play any sport?” Minho blurted out, Jinki looked muscular, built even. To his surprise Jinki turned and blushed shaking his head. “Really? Ah I love to play soccer and basketball.” Minho scratched his head, wondering if this was going to be super awkward even though he had been dying to talk to Jinki.

“I don’t hate sports, but I prefer books to be honest.”

“Taemin… Taemin-ah told me that you lived overseas for some time?” Minho hoped it was okay to suddenly bring it up and he regretted it when he saw how Jinki’s expression changed.

“Yes, I did. Why?”

“Oh, I think it’s really cool. It must be awesome to go to a new country. How was it?” Minho swung his legs back and forth, “We were meant to go for a soccer tournament but it was cancelled. I was so gutted.”

“It was okay, fun at times.” Jinki nodded with a small smile, biting his lip as he began to tell Minho about the life he had experienced overseas. Minho’s eyes followed the way he bit his lip, and how he lifted his hands up to gesture as he talked. Minho listened and listened. It was only after he got home that he hadn’t even waited to see Taemin, and that he had never found out where Jinki had been exactly. Jinki had this way of talking vaguely, and not revealing too much, it was mysterious and interesting. It made Minho want to go back around and ask Jinki more questions.

Minho flopped back on his bed, knowing he would be back the next day to talk to Jinki. He felt like he hadn’t had that much fun in ages.


They went camping, just the three of them: Taemin, Minho and Jinki. It was the end of summer and Minho felt excited at the thought of being out in nature. Minho hated being stuck in the city all the time, all the ugly square buildings and nowhere for him to run around and just enjoy the trees and grass. Minho and Jinki pitched the tent while Taemin explored the camp, except it turned into a competition. With Jinki and Minho competing to get the tent up faster than the other (they both put it up and then took it down to see who was faster). Minho won and he couldn’t help but grin victoriously across at Jinki who just rolled his eyes mumbling brief congratulations before he unzipped the tent and slipped in.

Sweating Minho crawled in after Jinki, and they flopped back on their backs panting softly. The moist heat seemed to cover Minho and he lay there panting softly for some time before he turned his head to see Jinki with his head propped up on one elbow. It was semi dark but Jinki’s eyes seemed to glitter in the light, his skin glistening too with the light coat of sweat, it made him looked even more attractive. Minho felt his mouth go dry, it seemed even harder to breathe.

“Even covered in sweat,” Jinki whispered, blinking his eyes, “you looked good. It’s kind of unfair.” Jinki whispered and Minho blinked his eyes wondering what Jinki was trying to say. It obviously wasn’t what it sounded like, because Jinki was the gorgeous one, and Minho held his breath as his eyes dropped down to where Jinki’s shirt had lifted, the sweat pooled there in a small glittery trail below his belly button. The air felt even hotter as Minho thought about what lay south of that sweat trail. He had only see Jinki’s naked body from the back, in his head he imagined sliding forward and just pressing his hands to Jinki’s hips. Would he moan softly if Minho stripped himself, hands pushing those loose shorts down, and how would he pant as Minho touched him everywhere.

“You… you…” Minho started and then shook his head, “You must be joking right?” Minho wiped his sweaty face, Jinki must be making fun of him and it hurt a little. Minho shifted closer, so he could read Jinki’s facial expression better, his breaths coming in more ragged. Jinki’s lips parted, the edge of his pink tongue coming out to dab at the sweat beading above his lip. Minho moved even closer, he felt caution sliding away and instinct and pure desire taking over. He was going to kiss Jinki and nothing would ever stop him.

“Jinki-hyung!” A figure burst into the tent, and Minho shot back, the moment shattered and his chest was bursting. “What are you guys doing?” Taemin asked, with a small frown.

“Are you getting so old, you need to rest?” Taemin giggled, and Minho noticed the way Jinki wouldn’t quite meet his gaze. Had he felt it too? Had he wanted that kiss (and more) too? Minho couldn’t understand his total attraction to Jinki, but it was there constantly in the back of his thoughts.


Minho decided he didn’t like Jeremy the second time he met him. Jinki and Jeremy had come to visit Taemin, and Jeremy spent the whole time holding onto Jinki’s hand. Even when Jinki went into the kitchen, Jeremy was there. Minho couldn’t even say a word to Jinki, if he tried, Jeremy would reply.

“How’s uni going hyung?”

“It’s going great, Jinki’s an excellent student.” Minho bristled hearing that, wondering how Jinki put up with it.

“I asked Jinki-hyung,” Minho sullenly replied, biting his lip.

“So? Does it matter who answered?” Jeremy crossed his arms in front of his chest.

“Jeremy, he doesn’t mean any harm, just let him be,” Jinki replied in a soft voice and smiled across at Minho.

“How’s school going?” Jinki asked, and Minho could see Jeremy looked pissed off. He couldn’t work out what his problem was, but he seemed like a total jerk. Minho couldn’t help but wonder why Jinki was even with a guy like that, he could do so much better.

“It’s going good,” Minho smiled across at Jinki, wishing Jeremy wasn’t there so he could talk freely. “We’re going on a soccer camp,” Minho smiled even wider, seeing Jinki’s enthusiasm and he ignored the way Jeremy scoffed in the background.


“But why?” Jinki asked confused, he couldn’t understand why Jeremy was being like this.

“Why shouldn’t I see my cousin?” Jinki could see how upset Jeremy was getting and it made no sense to him.

“It’s not your cousin, but that friend of his,” Jeremy frowned and shook his head, “I don’t like him,” Jinki blinked he had thought Minho was a sweet kid. Well sweet and deadly, Jinki had felt like he was meeting a model at the doorstep, his heart had raced so much staring into those melting chocolate eyes, so dreamy and soft, until Jinki felt like he was drowning. Every time he had met Minho there had been some kind of tension between them, but Jinki was aware of it. It wasn’t a problem though, because he would never do anything to hurt Jeremy. Jeremy was the love of his life, his best friend. Jeremy was the only person who had trusted and stood by Jinki through high school and university, and Jinki thought of him as his total support.

“I don’t understand?” Jinki bit his lip and touched Jeremy’s arm lightly.

“I don’t get it either,” Jeremy sighed and shook his head, “But it hurts, Jinki, it hurts to see him. It hurts me, in here.” Jeremy patted his chest, his eyes watering and Jinki felt bewildered but somehow he agreed to not seeing Taemin. Jinki figured if Jeremy never knew he met Taemin, it would be fine. After all meeting Taemin again after some time, it felt nice even if it did feel a little awkward. But it had been heaps of fun too, the camping trip had been so awesome, and a part of Jinki felt a little relieved that Jeremy hadn’t come.


WOn't youuuuuuuu tryyyyyyyyyyyyyy just holding my hand~~~ run run run with meeeeeeeee ♥

Back from my holiday~ \o/ I'll finish posting this fic before I continue the other one ._.;; please be patient? XD
Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: pg-13, short series
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