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sleepless nights 001

sleepless nights 001: a meeting (side story for "runaway")
onew, minho, onew/oc, onew/minho... implied? idk?

When I started posting "runaway" I remembered all this background stuff that never made it into the fic. So... I guess this is my attempt provide some of the background history on them! It was suggested to me that I should post this before I finish posting "runaway"... which is why I haven't been posting "runaway" because I was writing this side story.

ANYWAY, since I'm going away~ I'm just posting a snippet~ a little teaser of this fic~~ ^-^ sorry for the lack of updates (if anyone cares... lol doubt it... XD)

Also this is for Dani♥ ♥_♥ :D


Minho knocked on his best friend’s door, grinning and bouncing on the balls of his feet. His parents had said he could stay the night, finally they agreed to it. It had felt like he had been asking his parents forever to let him sleep over at a friend’s house. For some reason, his parents were against the idea of that, and always just said it was a bad idea, or shouldn’t he be focusing on his school work and not friends. Taemin had been his best friend since he started high school, and it really upset him that he could never say ‘yes’ to his friends invitation, until now.

Pouting, Minho wondered what was taking Taemin so long, when the door opened, and he was greeted with a stranger. Minho’s eyes widened in surprise as he took in the stranger’s appearance, trying to work out who he could be, he was taller than Taemin, with dark brown hair, and a big wide smile, it reminded Minho of Taemin’s smile, but this one was brighter somehow. He was way too young to be Taemin’s father, yet he looked mature but barely any older than Taemin. His eyes seemed to disappear into slits as he smiled, but then as his smile faded a little, his eyes opened wider and seemed to be full of light, reflecting the sun in their brown depths, and Minho smiled right back at him. Somehow, Minho felt right at home with him, and he couldn’t work out why, maybe it was the way he had smiled so brightly at him.

“Hi,” Minho whispered, “Is… ah Taemin home?” Minho could feel something tugging inside his chest as he stared at the stranger. It felt like something was pulling his muscles tight, and he’d never felt anything like it. His body felt strangely tense, yet relaxed at the same time, it made absolutely no sense to Minho. Curiously he just stared at the stranger, who kept smiling brightly, his eyes disappearing into slits for the second time, and Minho felt warmth creeping deeper into the crevices of his heart. He’d never seen someone’s eyes disappear like that and instead of being weird, it was the opposite, cute.

“Ah! You must be Minho, I’m Jinki,” the stranger, or rather Jinki held out his hand, and Minho took it cautiously, wondering who Jinki was. Unlike his smile, Jinki’s hand felt cool to the touch, and Minho felt himself hanging onto the hand, until Jinki laughed softly and tugged it free. Minho bit his lip, and hoped he wasn’t blushing, he felt so peculiar and wished he knew what was wrong with him.

“I’m Taemin’s older brother, well actually I’m his cousin,” Jinki explained, “I’m just here on my break.” Minho found himself nodding back, and feeling so confused. Why had Taemin never mentioned his brother, or had Minho just never noticed him mentioning it. It made no sense, and Minho couldn’t understand how Taemin would not mention this bright, smiley person.

“Come in! Taemin’s in his bedroom,” Jinki smiled and opened the door wider, letting Minho into the house.


“I didn’t know you had an older cousin, brother?” Minho blinked as he lay back on Taemin’s spare bed, glancing up at the ceiling, the stars glowed green and it felt soothing and good.

“Yeah, well he’s almost always been living with my dad,” Taemin admitted in a soft voice, “so, I never knew him that well. To be honest, I was surprised when he just turned up here. It’s confusing, he’s my cousin but he’s almost like a brother.”

“Oh,” Minho blinked and shifted onto his side so he could see Taemin’s face in the gloom. It didn’t make much sense to him really.

“Well, his parents were always working overseas or busy so he came to live with us, when he was in high school.” Taemin explained with a small nod of his head, “but then my parents got divorced, and hyung’s parents wanted him to go with my dad because of his schooling. He even went to school overseas for some time.”

“Wow,” Minho’s eyes widened in surprise, Jinki’s background intrigued him and made him curious. “Sounds pretty unusual and interesting, so he’s kind of like a real brother to you?”

“Yeah.” Taemin shrugged, “Mum was really happy to see him, he’s been studying in some private boarding school. Or was, he finished last year and now is it at university.”

“Ah,” Minho pouted, somehow feeling envious, “must be great, huh to be out of school.” Minho didn’t want to bring up Taemin’s parent’s divorce again. He knew it still upset Taemin, and he figure he should stop asking so many questions about Jinki. Minho just felt his spurt of curiosity, he had always thought Taemin had no relatives, and Minho had thought of himself as being Taemin’s almost brother. So the sudden appearance of an old relative, made him intrigued and part of him wanted to compete.

“Yeah,” Minho grunted when Taemin suddenly landed on him, “Hehe, what’s with all the questions Minho?” Taemin’s fingers poked Minho’s cheeks and face and he grunted again.

“Nothing, just curious.” Minho whined as Taemin tugged on his hair, and Minho started to retaliate until it was full on wrestling. Minho soon had Taemin pinned in a headlock, when the bedroom light switched on and Minho glanced up to see a smiling Jinki standing there.

“Ah, sorry,” Jinki apologised, his head bobbing and Minho felt his cheeks heat, what was wrong with him?

“No… I’m sorry.” Minho whispered, shaking his head as he pulled back from Taemin, letting the smaller skinnier boy go immediately. Would Jinki be angry seeing them wrestling, or would he have done that with Taemin in the past? Minho blinked as he imagined them wrestling, Taemin and Jinki, and he thought he’d like to see that.

“Hyung?” Taemin mumbled, sitting up and tugging on his hair to neaten it.

“Taemin-ah, sorry to bother you, just, do you mind if my friend stays the night too?” Jinki asked in a soft voice, and Minho blinked when he saw the way Jinki’s cheeks seemed to darken. It was kind of cute to see the older boy fidget with his hands, and how he avoided looking into Taemin’s eyes.

“Why are… you asking me?” Minho watched Taemin bite his lip, looking confused. “Ohh, right, mum’s not here tonight. No I don’t mind, I have a friend here, why shouldn’t you?”


In the night Minho woke up, and somehow he couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was because he was in a strange bed, and not at home. The bed felt different than his bed, and somehow Minho kept tossing and turning, unable to get random thoughts out of his head.

The sixteen year old got up and made his way to the kitchen to get a drink. Minho filled a glass with water and was drinking it, when he heard a moan. Minho froze, spilling water over the edge of the glass, and almost spitting out the water in his mouth when he heard a second moan, his hands shaking from the noise. Minho shuddered and swallowed the water, wondering what was the noise he had heard? Without thinking he followed it, and he felt terrified when he realised it was coming from the garden.

Peeping out the window, Minho could see something on the outside table, writhing. Horrified Minho stared and stared until his eyes adjusted and focused on two people, the outline of bare skin just visible in the gloom. He could hear more soft moans and groans and Minho felt his cheeks heating, warm suffusing lower in his body when he realised that they were wearing absolutely nothing, and he knew who exactly he was looking at.
Instead of looking away, Minho looked closer, staring at the tangle of limbs until it made sense in his mind and then his cheeks heated, the way the bodies were angled together. The slender shoulders drew Minho’s gaze and he found himself tracing down them with his eyes, wondering how it would feel under his fingers. His eyes following the curves all the way down, until his cheeks felt hotter than a fire. It was peculiar, Minho had seen plenty of naked boys before, but this time it made his skin burn in awkward ways.

“Jeremy, are you sure, they won’t hear us?” The soft voice sounded stretched thin, as if elastic stretched so tight it was about to snap. It was followed by a wet slick sound and a faint moan, and Minho watched entranced as Jinki’s body rose up higher, his muscled thighs shaking as he sank down again slowly, as if onto something. Minho’s breathed stopped as he connected the dots in his head, and he clung to the bench, needing something to hold himself up.

“It’ll be fine,” Minho heard a rougher voice reply, “don’t worry, Jinki.”

“But, what if…” Minho heard a soft voice pant, it made him shiver and Minho felt even weirder. It felt as if heat was sliding up inside of his body, pulling him tight again, as he watched Jinki’s body rise again, his head arching back to reveal his neck in the moonlight, it sent a trail blazing down through Minho’s core, stopping right below his belly. It was different than what he felt when looking at naked girls or magazines. This was a raw kind of desperate heat, and Minho swallowed, he didn’t know what to think or feel. But the image of Jinki’s bare shoulders, that tiny slender waist and the soft curve of his butt wouldn’t leave Minho’s head. The way Jinki arched his head back, exposing the smooth column of his neck kept surfacing in Minho’s thoughts.

Minho crept back to bed but he still couldn’t sleep and instead he tossed and turned even more. This time haunted by what he had witnessed in the garden. In the morning, to his shame, the bed sheets needed to be washed. Minho snuck out to wash them before Taemin was already awake, and Minho felt awkward when he ran into Jinki in the laundry room. It was bad enough he had soiled the sheets, but to be caught just made it ten times worse.

“Hi, morning,” Jinki smiled brightly, and Minho tried not to stare at the red marks he could see near his collarbones. Minho’s mouth going dry as he stared at Jinki, the sudden realisation of his feelings scaring him, why did he think two guys kissing was kind of hot? Or two guys having sex was a turn on, that should be wrong shouldn’t it? He shouldn’t be thinking that at all, what was wrong with him? Minho wanted to run and run far, before he could say a word, a figure appeared behind Jinki.

“Hi, I’m Jeremy,” Minho’s eyes widened again seeing the guy with Jinki, his hair was a dark blonde, light brown and he looked foreign but was speaking Korean. Minho froze, instantly recognising the slightly rougher voice from the night before.

“Je-re-my.” Minho stuttered out, blinking as he struggled over the foreign name.

“Haha, that’s right, I’m uh Jinki’s best friend.” He grinned and held out his hand, but Minho’s tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth. He wanted to just stare at Jinki, who cared about this guy. Jinki seemed to shine, as if he was soaking in and reflecting out the rays of sunshine and brightness.


lols. sorry. this is... unedited... I'm beta-less (and god knows I suck at editing my own shitty writing :/ I need someone to hold my hand ;_; and help me... hand holders where are you? XD Meh. It's okay, no one ever wants to help me~~ so...... apologies for crappiness ;c!)

see you when I get back from Japan~! ^-^;
Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: r, short series
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