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runaway 008, onew/minho, pg

runaway 008
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“I heard you're seeing someone,” Minho handed Jinki the tongs, this time Minho had bumped into him. Jinki focussed on the trays in front of him so he wouldn’t have to see Minho’s face as he nodded.

“I heard you’re practically engaged.” Jinki replied, busying himself with grabbing an apple Danish.

“You were right, the apple danishes were fantastic.”

“Great.” Jinki nodded, turning again and pretending to decide what other pastries he wanted.

“Actually, I’m not engaged. I’m single.”


“I’m not seeing anyone?” Minho frowned when Jinki turned to gaze up at him curiously.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Jinki blinked, “You should date a model though.”

“He’s my business partner, I said partner on the phone and Taemin misunderstood.” Minho smiled down at Jinki who just nodded, before turning back to look at the tray of pain au chocolat again.

“I see.”

“You could at least pretend to be happy that I’m single,” Minho murmured and Jinki froze in his place, blinking his eyes rapidly as he pondered that. He didn’t want Minho to see his weakness, how much he cared about him.

“Why would I pretend?” Jinki avoided looking at Minho.

“Because it would make me feel happy to think that you still cared about me?”

“I thought you knew I still cared about you?” Jinki risked a glance up, wetting his lower lip. Was Minho stupid? Did he really not know how much Jinki cared about him? Maybe Jinki was better at hiding his feelings than he thought?

“How would I know that?” Minho shook his head, and Jinki felt his cheeks heat as he saw the way Minho watched him lick his lip.

“You ignored my phone calls, you never contacted me. How would I know you cared?”

“Oh, good point.” Jinki felt as if he was shrivelling under Minho’s intense look.

“I’ve thought about you every day,” Jinki whispered, wishing he could take back the words as soon as he let them free.

“I missed you too, hyung.” Jinki jumped when he felt Minho’s hand close around his wrist.

“But you’re seeing someone, so I won’t impose. Good morning.”

Jinki opened his mouth to explain but Minho was gone, leaving his empty tray resting on the shelf below the baked goods. Jinki swallowed and wondered if he would see Minho again to explain that he wasn’t actually seeing anyone either, well unless of course a stuffed elephant called Eunsook really counted.


The following week Jinki could feel his heart thumping in his chest as he marched up to the little bakery. It was fate wasn’t it? Hadn’t they bumped into each other at this bakery before, it would happen again today right? Jinki swallowed, he had to tell Minho the truth. He had to tell Minho how he felt. Another sleepless night of tossing and turning and thinking about Jeremy only made him feel worse. The fact that his ex boyfriend had been in a car accident really didn’t help. What if it was his ghost tormenting Jinki in some strange way. No that was ridiculous Jinki decided as he opened the door, smiling when the warmth and the scent of bread engulfed his senses. The spicy apple scent wafting over and making his mouth water as he stepped inside.

Jinki chose a small table at the back where he could observe everyone entering and he sat there waiting patiently with his espresso. Minho would be in, Jinki was positive. Four hours later, Jinki’s enthusiasm was flagging, this was crazy. Minho wouldn’t be coming, maybe he had seen Jinki and run away. Just as Jinki stood up to leave, the doorbell rang and Jinki glanced up to see Minho and another gorgeous man walking in behind him.

With a gulp, Jinki sank down to his seat with a plop and he started to turn away to hide. Too late, Jinki met Minho’s gaze full on him. It ripped right through him, a knife slicing roughly down his chest as he saw the shock, and surprise in Minho’s eyes. He wasn’t expecting to see Jinki and then the way Minho’s flickered to the guy next to him, was the final thrust of the knife, twisting sharply and causing agony to fill Jinki’s torso.

“Hi,” Minho said softly, “This is my business partner, Nickhun.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jinki said stiffly, wanting to stand up and run.

“I’ll go and order a coffee.” Nickhun mumbled and walked away leaving Jinki alone with Minho. The words he wanted to say (I’m single) were lodged firmly in his throat. They clung to his tonsils, like greedy little kids clinging to candy and refusing to share a single piece.

“I didn’t know you’d be here,” Minho said softly, fingers tapping the table before he sat down opposite Jinki.

“Well,” Jinki just shrugged, “I probably should get going now.” Jinki started to rise but Minho reached out to grab his wrist.

“Hyung, do you really feel nothing for me?”

“I… I…” Jinki swallowed, bullshit. Minho was the whole fucking world. Why couldn’t he just say it? Why did the words get stuck in his throat. It made him want to scream in frustration, but the words were like bread with no yeast, no matter how much you proofed them they would not rise.

“No,” Jinki whispered, “I… don’t feel nothing for you, Minho.” Jinki started to say but then Nickhun was back and tapping Minho on the shoulder.

“Hey we’re gonna be late, man.” Jinki felt like screaming again when Minho rose and was gone just like that. Jinki felt his eyes watering with frustration until he saw the business card Minho had left. He picked it up and stuck it into his wallet. Surely if they were meant to be together, things wouldn’t be this difficult. Surely it wouldn’t be so much of a struggle. Jinki swallowed and wondered if he should just give up, it would never work out between them.


Another fun week passed for Jinki and his boyfriend – well maybe girlfriend? Eunsook, the stuffed elephant. It was all sunshine, rainbows and parties with Jinki and Eunsook skipping around the house serenading each other. Or not. More like Jinki took the week off work and spent it huddled in bed. After two days of feeling pathetic and sorry for himself, he realised something important. And that made Jinki leap out of bed, narrowly missing the wardrobe with his toe.

Minho was single. There was no engagement. Jinki realised if he kept on avoiding this and Minho, well there would be an engagement. Maybe not next week, or even next year but sometime in the future. Sucking in a deep breath, Jinki phoned Taemin and with quick hands he soon had all the details written down. Jinki’s heart was thundering along and it scared him, but Jinki felt as if he could see a hint of sunshine from behind the rain clouds.

Maybe, just maybe the showers would clear and he would get blue skies and bright sunshine.


p.s. I'm sorry about the deleted entry o_o I'm so confused about how... it got deleted?! o________o I haven't been logged into lj since I posted the last entry... so........ confused
Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: pg-15, series
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