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runaway 006, onew/minho, pg

runaway 006
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Happy 5th anniversary SHINee~~~ jhgkjrdrghkg ^O^;;; ♥_♥ you guys are the best :D

(O_O so... somehow 006 disappeared.......... I don't know where it went... or what.. happened to it,... so I'm reposting it D:)


It seems as if Taemin is calling every second night while Jinki is away doing the course. It’s slightly irritating and frustrating, because Jinki spends most of his time listening to lectures and taking notes. And then at night while he’s doing homework of sorts, Taemin keeps phoning. It feels like Jinki has no time to relax or even forget about certain things (or rather certain people).

“Taemin-ah,” Jinki nestled the phone between his head and shoulder, “What’s up?” Jinki holds back a sigh as he picks up his pen, trying to read the notes he took earlier.

“Nothing… nothing much…” Taemin mutters, and then Jinki hears muffled noises, and he groans. Of course, he should’ve realised that Taemin had the phone on speaker phone and Jonghyun is probably listening in too. Gritting his teeth, Jinki struggled to read through the editing notes he had taken earlier.

“I just… thought we could have a chat.”

“Taemin-ah, I’m really busy…” Jinki frowned, putting the pen down and grabbing the received.

“I know I’m sorry, just I miss you? And… you’ve been so helpful.” Jinki snorted.

“Helpful? You mean… with the things you asked me about last time?”

“Yeah.. yeah… he… I mean… I enjoyed. No. It really helped me out.” Jinki rolled his eyes, unaware of how his lips were curling up into a smile. Taemin was a terrible liar and Jinki knew he shouldn’t feel so happy to know that he had helped Minho. It was only fair right? Of course it didn’t mean anything else, no of course not.

“So… you got the job then?” Jinki asked, looping in his fingers around the phone cord.

“Yeah… he… I got the job!” Taemin grinned, and Jinki could hear mumbling in the background again, and he frowned because it didn’t sound like Jonghyun. When had Jonghyun ever mumbled like that? No he would just shout back at Jinki and not be hiding his voice. Jinki smirked maybe Taemin had a lover or someone special over?

“Anyway hyung, how have you been? Good? Been missing anything?”

“I’m… okay.” Jinki mumbled. “The editing course is more full on than I expected but it’s fun. You know I miss you… and well other friends. Look Taemin-ah, I better go. Homework.” Jinki bit his lip and exhaled slowly as he put the phone down. It was too much, too hard. Jinki hated himself for wanting to ask how Minho was. For wanting to hear something about him, but at least he had the job. Jinki smiled quietly to himself, he knew he shouldn’t care after running like that, but he couldn’t help it.


Two months seemed to pass by so rapidly, that Jinki felt surprised when he was standing in front of the conveyor belt waiting for his bags to arrive. It felt great to be home, even though he felt a little twinge in his chest at the thought of Minho. It was funny how he hadn’t seen him for two months and yet he was still in Jinki’s thoughts. It was irritating and gritting his teeth together Jinki stood there glaring at the conveyor belt. Well Taemin hadn’t helped, he kept bothering Jinki and hinting about Minho all the timre.

Jinki was still staring at it when he felt a hand tap him on the shoulder. Jinki turned and then he felt the air being sucked out of his lungs, and he wondered when he had forgotten to breathe. He wouldn’t admit that he hoped it was Minho.

“Hey,” Kibum smiled across at him, and then Jinki noticed Taemin and Jonghyun standing behind him, and he felt even more disappointed. All the little comments and hints from Taemin had somehow built up Jinki’s hopes and softened him. Part of him wanted to take Minho back in a heartbeat, but the stronger side still shouted at him for even thinking that.

“You’re back hyung!” Taemin stepped forward and hugged Jinki tightly. Jinki shut his eyes, reaching across to ruffle Taemin’s hair.

“Yeah I’m back,” Jinki smiled across at them, “this is quite the welcome committee.” Jinki tried not to feel upset that Minho wasn’t there somehow. Even though he knew Minho wouldn’t be there, Kibum had said he wouldn’t be. And after all he knew that Minho would forget about him, and feeling sad Jinki turned away so the other’s wouldn’t see his expression. Jinki blinked, he forgot about his suitcase and he quickly scanned the conveyor belt.

Jinki began to walk forward towards his suitcase when he saw that someone was taking it off for him. Jinki wanted to call out but then the figure turned and Jinki felt slightly dizzy as he saw Minho smiling across at him. Jinki froze and he turned back to glare at Kibum.

“What the hell is he doing here?” Jinki hissed at Kibum.

“Actually,” Kibum bit his lip, “I told you there was a misunderstanding you should listen to him.” Kibum explained and Jinki tried to ignore the way he felt as if he could dance around the airport. It was ridiculous, Minho was just a tease, and he wanted to just toy with Jinki’s emotions.

“Hyung,” Minho’s deep voice was suddenly behind him, “hyung please let me explain.”

Jinki wanted to turn and tell Minho to just forget it but then he realised he owed him that much at least. With a sigh, Jinki turned to face Minho and he nodded. Jinki tried to ignore the way Minho looked so happy, and the way he looked so exhausted and worn out, but somehow he was so handsome it was hard to look away.

“You look so good,” Minho whispered, “Gorgeous.” Jinki shook his head slowly, wishing that Minho wouldn’t tease him and say crap like that that he didn’t mean.

“Guys,” Jonghyun rolled his eyes, “How about we go to Jinki’s place and then you can have your sappy reunion there?” Kibum hit Jonghyun and rolled his eyes at him, making Jinki grin.


“So?” Jinki hovered in front of the kitchen counter. The sun was streaming in the louvres, and normally it would’ve made Jinki smile but right now, with Minho being silent and just standing there it was starting to annoy him. So much for Minho wanting to explain the misunderstanding.

“So?” Minho repeated looking confused for a second.

“Sorry hyung, you’re just distracting me.” Jinki rolled his eyes hearing that.

“Are you just trying to wind me up?”

“No, I’m sorry. I wanted to say I was training at the gym, when you phoned me.”


“So I wasn’t cheating on you,” Jinki watched the way Minho’s forehead creased as he spoke. Jinki shrugged, he was just meant to believe Minho’s words?

“That’s nice.” Jinki somehow felt so empty. He had missed Minho so much, but it kind of made him angry if Minho wasn’t going to go to any effort to explain the misunderstanding. Jinki turned away, taking a deep breath before he went and stood in front of the sink. He didn’t want to see Minho’s face right then.

“Hyung,” Minho mumbled, “honestly I was at the gym, I hoped you’d believe me.”

“I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to just trust you, my ex cheated on me.” Jinki mumbled, glancing up and seeing the way Minho’s eyes widened.

“Shit. Of course he did, anyway you can see my schedule here.” Minho pulled a small notebook out of his pocket, it looked worn out and tatty. Minho flicked it open and showed Jinki the words “gym with trainer” pencilled in every Friday night. Jinki nodded but he didn’t see how that was meant to prove anything really.

“I missed you,” Jinki swallowed, feeling his eyes watering, “But I can’t trust you. Not yet. I’m sorry.” Jinki wet his lips seeing the way Minho eyed him looking so sad.

“I missed you too, but this is bullshit.” Minho’s eyes flashed angrily, “I would never do anything to hurt you. I hope you can trust me one day.” Minho leaned forward and kissed Jinki softly across the lips.

“I will wait for you, but you know I won’t wait forever.” Minho kissed Jinki again, shaking his head when he pulled back.


Jinki wanted to shout back in response but he decided to keep his anger hidden. Jinki breathed out slowly when Minho was gone. The house felt so empty, and he felt so alone. When he had arrived at the airport and Minho smiled, he had felt hopeful but now it just felt too hard. Jinki felt as if all of the energy had been drained from him and Jinki slumped down to the floor. Nothing was going to work out between them, he could just sense it.



“Yes, again.” Jinki squeezed his eyes shut and flopped against the doorframe.

“Wow hyung, that’s um amazing.”

“Thank you,”

“You know… I’m joking right?”

“Yeah,” Jinki bit his lip and stood up again, frowning across at the blank wall.

“You’re an idiot.”

“I am.”

“Seriously, hyung, if you like him, just stop being like this.”

“I’m sorry.” Jinki mumbled, sinking back into the door frame.

“Wrong person, hyung. For fuck’s sake, hyung,” Jinki could hear Kibum sighing on the other end of the line.

“Guess I finally understand why you shut everyone out huh?”

“Yeah.” Jinki hung up, he didn’t want to talk anymore. The phone slipped from his fingers and dropped to the ground.


Jinki was unaware of the rumours on his first day back. But then he was generally unaware of the office gossip and things like that. If he cared about rumours he might’ve acted differently, but since he didn’t he acted the way he wanted to. That meant that Jinki had started the day cleaning out his office which caused all of the staff walking past to stare in shock at the way he had taken everything off his desk and placed it in cardboard boxes.

“Hyung? Are you leaving?” Jinki turned slowly to face Jonghyun.

“Everyone says you’re leaving. Been headhunted?” Jinki blinked and stood up.

“No? I just thought I’d clean my desk, you know.”

“No, I don’t know.” Jonghyun frowned across at Jinki, “You haven’t cleaned your desk once, since you’ve been here for what… five years?”

“And why the boxes?”

“Because my stuff looks better in a cardboard box than stacked up all over the floor and desk?”

“Okay, I really don’t get you.” Jonghyun frowned and glanced around Jinki’s office making Jinki squirm, he didn’t like the way he was looking.

“I don’t really get you either,” Jinki admitted with a smile, “but that’s okay.”

“Oh hyung, Minho left you this.” Jonghyun handed Jinki a tape, “I honestly have no idea what’s on it. He refused to tell me. I did watch it though, even though he asked me not to.” Jinki pursed his lips together frowning across at the rambling Jonghyun who didn’t even notice.

“I thought since he asked me not to watch it, that it must be porn! Or maybe you guys doing something.” Jonghyun winked.

“But it was like some security footage. Showing Minho entering the gym, and then leaving the gym an hour later, kind of creepy I mean why would he give that to you? And where did he even get it from?”

“Who knows,” Jinki shrugged, “Thanks. Listen I have to finish cleaning.”

The tape got dumped in the rubbish bin, Jinki didn’t bother to look at it or even watch it. Jinki didn’t give it a second thought, instead he returned to cleaning his desk.


“So you’re still ignoring him?”


“Uh? Is that meant to be a yes?” Jinki breathed out, nodding until he realised Kibum couldn’t see the action.

“Yes, Kibum.” Jinki mumbled, twining the phone cord around his fingers.

“But you knew that he was at the gym, so why are you still being like this?”



“It would never work between us,” Jinki stared out his kitchen window, watching the city lights flickering.

“How do you even know that?”

“I just feel like it won’t work.”

“But you care about him don’t you?”

“I love him, I love Minho.” Jinki’s eyes slid shut and he sank down to the floor, letting the phone slide from his fingers and drop to the floor with a thud.

“You’re an idiot,” Kibum’s voice crackled faintly down the line, he sounded so distant. But Jinki felt as if Minho was even more distant, it felt as if he was trying to jump up and catch the moon.

Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: pg-15, series
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