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runaway 005, onew/minho, pg

runaway 005
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So. This is just something I randomly started to write. You could say I started writing it when I felt frustrated with many things and just wrote it for my personal amusement and with no real purpose. lol.

[so this part... is idk.......... sorry?] I said I would post~ when Kitibear♥ wrote me a fic~~ and she wrote me a fic :D ♥ so I posted~


“Great.” Kibum mumbles when he opens the door, Jinki watches his eyebrows slide upwards as he looks at him.

“Hi,” Jinki bites his lip trying for polite, “Sorry Kibum-ah,”

“It’s okay, come in.” Kibum opens the door wider and Jinki slips his shoes off before stepping inside.

“So what happened now?” Kibum motions towards the couch and with a sigh Jinki sinks down into it. A part of him wonders what he’s even doing here but somehow in the midst of everything Kibum has become his confidante.

“I phoned him, and he was having sex I think,” Jinki looks down at the carpet saying the words out loud hurts even more.

“I don’t think I want my house redecorated anymore.” Jinki mumbles a second later, pulling out his phone to send a message to Minho. I’ve changed my mind about the house redecorating, you can leave my key in the letterbox. Won’t be needing your help anymore. When he looks up, Kibum is eyeing him sadly and that hurts too.

“Hyung,” Kibum shakes his head, “What a bastard. You’re better off without him.” All Jinki can think is, so much for spending the weekend with Minho. So much for spending the fucking weekend in bed with Minho, instead he thinks he’s going to be spending the weekend nursing his broken heart.



Jinki yanks his wrist away, just managing to keep his expression blank. He wants to gnash his teeth and snarl at Minho but he decides he’s not worth it. It’s better to make Minho think he doesn’t care. Minho is persistent and annoying, and moments later he’s gripping Jinki’s wrist again.

“Hyung, wait. I don’t want to break up with you.” Jinki twists his arm free again, his teeth clamped together tightly, it takes all of his efforts not to bite in Minho’s forearm.

“And I don’t care what you want,” Jinki snaps, turning on his heel and marching off. In his head, Jinki imagines that Minho must be watching the way he marches off, the way he stomps his heels and walks so quickly. In reality, Jinki quickly realises Minho is walking right next to him, and he holds back a groan.

“So you don’t want me?” Minho blinks as he walks next to Jinki, slowly moving closer until Jinki feels suffocated next to the wall. Jinki wants to laugh and ask Minho why he’s saying that, it’s obvious that it’s the other way around. Minho is the one who doesn’t want him.

“Minho, just stop lying. I heard you the other night,” Jinki stops in the hallway, amused for half a second when he sees that Minho doesn’t realise and keeps walking, but then he comes back and stands next to Jinki.

“I fucking heard you having sex,” Jinki says louder, and then he spots Gwiboon standing right behind Minho, mouth set in a circle. Jinki tries not to wince, like that could be any worse, but then Gwiboon’s expression take on a sinister look. Jinki swallows and studies Minho and Gwiboon, could it have been her?

“Huh? What?”

“Pardon,” Jinki grits his teeth, “you should say pardon.” But Minho just rolls his eyes.

“Whatever, hyung. I’m not the fucking ace editor, and what the actual fuck? I don’t know how you heard me having sex, because I haven’t had sex since that night. Well…” Minho paused and Jinki stared back at him, thinking, got you, you mother fucking asshole.

“Well only with my hand, but that doesn’t count does it?”

“Look, sleep with whomever you want,” Jinki smiled sweetly up at Minho, “I don’t give a shit. But don’t come and tell me that you do like me or whatever. Because you and I both know it’s fucking bullshit.”

“Oppa,” Jinki sighs slowly, realising too late that Gwiboon is still there listening in to the conversation. Jinki wants to snarl and tell her to go away but he realises she’s looking at Minho and it hurts because Jinki’s sure it’s her. But then Jinki watches Minho turn to face her and he realises this is his golden opportunity to leave. It’s even better because now Minho no longer works there he can’t access Jinki’s office at all, so Jinki is free again.


“I heard he turned up,” Kibum places the coffee down gently on Jinki’s desk, “Want me to have a word with him?”

“No it’s fine,” Jinki shook his head and smiled at Kibum, “I think I’m going to take that course. Remember there was that editors course, and initially I said no? Well I changed my mind. I’ll be gone for two months, so when I get back I’m sure he will have moved on.” Jinki ignores the way Kibum doesn’t look convinced.

“It’ll be sweet, I know it will be.” Jinki smiled and nodded his head.

“Okay hyung whatever you say.” Kibum sighed and patted Jinki on the shoulder, “But I don’t think it will work.”

“Trust me,” Jinki shrugged, “Minho will forget all about me when I get back.”

“Okay, whatever hyung. I believe you,” Kibum nodded before he walked out of Jinki’s office, leaving Jinki alone with his thoughts. The course sounded about as exciting as reading a textbook on soil, but it gave him an escape from persistent Minho. Jinki figured he could use this to rebuild his armour and come back twice as strong and totally immune to Minho. He had to be strong and he had to walk away from Minho like he never existed at all. After all how could he trust Minho be with him, Jinki didn’t feel like it was possible, especially after Minho had cheated on him.


Jinki didn’t think he would enjoy studying again so much. But somehow, he loved it even if it was crazy hours and ridiculous deadlines. It felt as if he was taking a six month course that had somehow been crammed into two months. But it was perfect, Jinki had no time to do anything except go to lectures and study hard. Somehow even with the lack of sleep and no time to eat, Jinki feels even more energetic than he did before.

But Minho still manages to worm his way inside of his head. He still somehow has the ability to slip into Jinki’s thoughts and lecture notes. It’s frustrating but Jinki keeps moving forward, keeps stepping away from Minho. The hardest parts are when he walks to the university, and he passes a sports field and he can just imagine having picnics on the lawn with Minho and then the two of them running around playing on the field.

Jinki sighs and rubs his hands together to generate warmth when the phone rings, and he just knows its going to be Kibum.

“Kibum-ah,” Jinki manages a smile as he reaches the hotel entrance.

“Hyung, hey listen, I think you misunderstood something about Minho.” Jinki felt himself tense and he glanced around the hotel lobby, as if somehow someone could hear. It’s pathetic because even if they did, they wouldn’t understand a thing.

“I don’t want to talk about that person,” Jinki stabs the elevator button, jabbing it repeatedly as he glares at the doors.


“But nothing. Maybe in another month, Kibum-ah.”

“Hyung, don’t be so fucking stubborn. Really you should listen.”

“And I’m in the middle of this course, I don’t have time to think about things,” Jinki snaps back, relieved when the elevator doors finally slide open and he walks in.

“Well maybe you should come back,” Kibum sounds irritated and Jinki feels like slapping someone.

“I will, in a month,” Jinki presses his teeth together, just managing not to snap.

“Fine, fine. How are you anyway?”

“I’m good, the course is great,” Jinki breathes out slowly, letting himself calm down.

“Good, Are you eating? You sounded really busy and stressed last time we talked?”

“Yes mum, I’m eating.” Jinki rolled his eyes and grinned faintly across at his blurry reflection in the elevator wall.

“Good, too many people here are worrying about you and missing you.” Jinki feels his smile slip, and he wants to ask who has been worrying and missing him. It lingers long after the phone call is over, wondering if Minho misses him. If Minho is worrying about him, but then he slowly calms himself down and tells himself he’s pathetic.

When he’s lying in bed it comes back again. The image of Minho naked against him, of them entwined together. Jinki swallows and tries to ignore it, but it’s there in his head. Minho. Gorgeous Minho pressing Jinki down into the mattress, his weight had felt so perfect pinning him down. Minho’s lips had glided down his throat and neck, leaving tingles of pleasure in their wake, and Jinki had never felt so alive. The slick feel of Minho’s limbs and body against his own, and when they moved together Jinki felt as if the world was crashing down on his head, those waves of pleasure seemed to knock down every wall inside of him.

Jinki hates himself because he has to get up and shower in the middle of the night. Under the harsh light in the bathroom he touches himself, and wishes so much that it was Minho. Jinki can still remember the way Minho stroked his cock, the way his eyes looked as he looked down at Jinki. For the first time ever, Jinki had felt special, he felt beautiful. But it scared him and Jinki worried that only he felt it. Now Jinki feels like the biggest idiot ever, but when he comes he feels okay again.


“Hey hyung!”

Jinki blinks in surprise and then smiles as he hears his cousin’s voice over the phone.

“Taemin-ah! I didn’t think you would call me?”

“Hyung,” Jinki grins he can tell that Taemin is pouting. “Of course I would call, I miss you, silly.”

“Haha you mean you want something?” Jinki raises one eyebrow.

“How… how… did you know?” Taemin whispers and it would almost be funny if it wasn’t so predictable.

“Just tell me what you want.”

“Well, okay! Actually it’s not for me, it’s for Mi, um, never mind.” Jinki frowns and blinks trying to make sense of the garbled words Taemin just spouted at him. It takes seconds for Jinki to fill in the blanks, and first he feels angry but then he can feel his heart pounding.

“Tell me what you want.” Jinki forces himself to repeat, and he shuts his eyes, curling his fingers around the phone cord as Taemin explains it.

Even if they can never be together or never date, Jinki has this sense that he needs to do things for Minho. He tells himself its pay him back for all the past things Minho did for him.

Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: pg-13, series
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