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runaway 004, onew/minho, pg

runaway 004
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So. This is just something I randomly started to write. You could say I started writing it when I felt frustrated with many things and just wrote it for my personal amusement and with no real purpose. lol.

“I heard Minho quit,” Kibum leans against Jinki’s desk, his dark small eyes are focussed intently on Jinki.

“Yeah he did.” Jinki shrugs he knew that Minho was going to quit, and he misses him but he understood Minho’s reasons too.

“That something to do with you?” Kibum leans forward still staring so that Jinki wants to squirm on his seat. He wonders how Kibum ended up against his desk, and he’s backed into the corner in his chair.

“No,” Jinki wants to kick Kibum out of his office with his nosy questions but for now he tolerates him. Jinki tells himself to breathe in deeply and slowly to just focus.

“I heard a rumour he’s doing something at your house,” Kibum raises one eyebrow and Jinki swallows before he nods.

“He’s redecorating for me,” Jinki whispers feeling something like a pang of regret. It’s been four months, is it wrong for him to want a little more than friendship? Jinki knows he shouldn’t be greedy but sometimes he wishes there was more between them.

“What?” Kibum gasps, “You’re letting him redecorate your apartment? Um I thought you said you would never let anyone touch anything in your precious abode?”

“Yeah I know,” Jinki tried to smile but his lips didn’t seem to want to move, “Funny huh?”

“Hyung, are you okay? You haven’t seemed so happy lately. Did something happen between you?” Jinki stares blankly back at Kibum, that’s the problem.

“No, nothing happened.” Jinki lets out a soft sigh, “that’s the problem.”

“Is it wrong for me to want us to be more than friends? It’s like he’s my redecorator and that’s it. We don’t kiss or do anything but talk about the house.”

“Is it wrong for me to wish sometimes we might have sex?” As soon as the words are out Jinki flinches feeling like some sexual deviant even if he knows that is so untrue.

“Ah,” Kibum replies like he knows something, making Jinki look up at him.

“You should just seduce him, he’s probably scared to do something after last time.” Kibum suggests with a small smile, and Jinki blinks wondering if Minho even wanted something like that.

After all Minho is gorgeous and Jinki certainly doesn’t think he is attractive. Minho used to say he was, but he hasn’t for a while and now Jinki is unsure if Minho’s even seeing or sleeping with someone else. Jinki hopes not but he doesn’t want to make an idiot of himself. What’s worse is how Jinki’s sure he hasn’t been so happy lately but he feels like Minho doesn’t even notice anymore. It hurts to think he opened up to him and now Minho is slipping through his fingers. It makes him doubt himself, maybe he shouldn’t have taken down his armour because right now he needs it more than ever.


Jinki notices that Minho always has a way of doing something unexpected and different. Whether it’s the way he would turn up uninvited with Jinki’s favourite takeaways at some random time right when Jinki was feeling hungry. Or how he would email Jinki and invite him over and then they would end up going on some crazy drive with no destination in mind. After his talk with Kibum, somehow Jinki feels worse than ever because he half expects he will get home and find Minho having sex with someone else.

Jinki can remember seeing that in some movie, and somehow it worries him especially since he’s coming home early. Instead of going in Jinki walks around the block one more time, delaying the time he goes inside the house. Finally Jinki sucks in a deep breath, unsure why he feels so nervous today of all days. Jinki doesn’t understand where all this worry comes from, most of the time he’s been happy with Minho’s friendship but today it seems to tug him down completely, so that Jinki feels as if he’s being held down by rocks.
Jinki steels himself as he opens the door and then he flinches slightly seeing that Minho is standing right there as if waiting for him.

“Hyung!” Jinki tries to smile as he looks across at Minho and it hurts because he realises that he really does love him.

“Hyung, what’s wrong?” Minho steps forward reaching forward to take Jinki’s hand.

“Nothing.” Jinki lies, how can he share this with Minho? Jinki puts his bag down and heads into the kitchen to get a drink, he can hear Minho trailing after him.

“Nothing? Hyung, I know something is weighing on your mind, it’s been obvious for days.” Jinki gets a glass, oh so you did notice something?

“But you know I won’t force you to tell me,” Jinki stiffens hearing how sad Minho sounds the way his words seem to sink down to the floor.

“I’m sorry,” Jinki turns to face Minho, “I guess I just misunderstood something somewhere.”

“Hyung, what did you misunderstand?”

“Actually, I wanted to ask you something,” Jinki sucks in a deep breath, steeling himself for whatever reaction Minho will have.

“Are you seeing someone else?” Jinki has to force each word out it feels as if he’s trying to force himself through a solid brick wall.

“What!” Minho practically shouts, and Jinki can’t help but tense because Minho sounds so angry and the way he stalks over towards Jinki makes him scared. But Jinki stands up straighter, staring somehow defiantly back at Minho, he’s not going to be intimidated again, not this time. Minho’s eyes lose the anger when he stops right in front of him, and Jinki blinks when Minho is reaching for him, hands reaching for his waist.

“How… how could you think that?” Minho whispers sounding so broken and hurt, “hyung, there is only you.”

“I thought… we were dating,” Minho continues tugging Jinki forward and pressing him hard against his chest. Jinki feels his nervousness in the way his heart seems to flutter so quickly in his chest, the rapid beating almost making it hard to concentrate on anything Minho says, but he hears his words with his heart.

“You really did misunderstand,” Minho murmurs a moment later and Jinki feels frustration welling up, why is he the only one feeling this?

“But, we just act like friends,” Jinki whispers into Minho’s chest hating himself for this. Hating himself for sounding so damn pathetic and needy.

“After last time,” Minho shifted back looking uncomfortable, “I wasn’t sure if I should do anything more. And you,” Jinki watches the way Minho tilts his head looking somehow defiant.

“You never kissed me or anything either. So I assumed you wanted it to be like this.” Jinki frowned across at Minho.

“What,” Jinki stepped forward, “You’re saying it’s all up to me to initiate everything?” Minho avoids his gaze, Jinki notices and he takes another step forward.

“So this is my fault?” Jinki snaps, he can feel his eyebrows rising, and so much frustration and anger filling his body.

“Hyung,” Minho starts but Jinki doesn’t want to hear it, “I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Just go please Minho,” Jinki shakes his head and walks away. He doesn’t feel like talking anymore especially to Minho. It just makes Jinki feel so angry because if he thinks back he can’t recall a time when he could’ve kissed Minho. Minho was always too far away or out of reach.


Jinki leans over to steal some of Minho’s popcorn, slipping closer to him in his seat. The thought of kissing Minho slips into his head, and Jinki wets his lips feeling strangely elated as he moves a little closer. He figures it’s because they haven’t even kissed and Jinki feels like he wants to badly. Jinki starts to lean over when Minho suddenly shifts and turns away. Jinki bites his lip in slight disappointment but then he shrugs deciding it was just a coincidence, until the movie is over.

“Hyung, we’re in public,” Minho whispers in a soft voice when they’re walking out of the cinema.

“So?” Jinki frowns wondering where this came from, it’s not like he tried to hold Minho’s hand or something.

“I don’t think we should do that in public.” Minho replies, shaking his head as he turns to look at Jinki seriously.

“Okay, sorry.” Jinki bites his lip, it was dark in the cinema it wasn’t like anyone would’ve seen. Jinki is reminded of how Minho sat so far away on the couch and it makes Jinki wonder if Minho doesn’t really like him that way.


“Hello, what do you want?” Jinki tries not to sigh when he hears how bored Kibum sounds.

“Shouldn’t you be having sex with Minho or something?”

“Yeah probably,” Jinki winds the phone cord around his finger, “but fat chance that is ever gonna happen.”

“What happened hyung? You guys fight?” Jinki rolls his eyes, he can imagine Kibum’s face lighting up at the thought of gossip.

“Yeah we fought. Apparently I’m to blame for us never kissing.”

“How does he figure that?”

“Don’t ask me, but that’s basically what he implied. I didn’t kiss him, it was my responsibility. Or some shit I don’t know.”

“What a dick!”

“Kibum! He’s not a dick,” Jinki couldn’t help but argue back, “what am I doing? Why did I get angry?”

“Don’t be stupid Jinki-hyung, he’s being an ass. That tall bug eyed alien should be grateful you’re even with him.”

“No I mean it, why did I get angry? I should be happy he’s with someone like me, he’s probably gone to have sex with I don’t know someone really hot.”

“Come on hyung, listen to you, you’re being pathetic and whiny. Minho isn’t anything special, he’s not that good looking. In fact I had him stuck in the average box, for looks that is.” Jinki choked on the air, wondering if Kibum was blind, how could he think Minho was average?

“Well,” Jinki swallowed, “If he’s average what the hell does that make me? The ugliest person ever?”

“Oh yeah, because half of the office would definitely have a crush on the ugliest person ever, god hyung stop being so fucking dramatic.”

“Sorry.” Jinki bit his lip, this didn’t seem to be achieving much, and an idea pops into Jinki’s head, “Listen I have to go now bye Kibum.” Jinki hangs up without waiting to let Kibum have the last word.


“Hyung?” Minho sounds breathless and Jinki tries not to imagine that there is someone with him, but then he hear a faint sound in the background. Jinki’s legs freeze as he hears a soft giggle, and it sounded like a girl to him.

“I didn’t think you’d call,” Minho mumbles out a second later sounding out of breath, and Jinki shuts his eyes for a second, I bet you didn’t think I would call. But then the image of Minho naked pops up into his head. Jinki can just see it in his head, Minho sprawled naked on his couch, with some random girl going down on him. Jinki open his eyes again, wishing it didn’t hurt so much.

Jinki realises that there is nothing left to say, he stands there silently listening to Minho pant on the phone. Jinki won’t admit it but he’s trying to see if he can hear anything else. But he’s pretty sure he just interrupted Minho having sex or something along those lines.

“Hyung? Did you call for a reason? Look, now isn’t a good time,” Minho trails off, and Jinki wonders why Minho doesn’t just put Jinki out of his misery.

“Maybe we should just break up.” Jinki keeps his voice as neutral as possible, and before Minho has a chance to reply he hangs up. Jinki wants to laugh they weren’t even dating really so it does feel a little silly to say break up. The sadness is flowing up inside of Jinki and he realises that Minho lied to him again, because it clearly never was him at all.

Jinki shuts his eyes again, but then the image of naked Minho and that nameless girl pops into his head again, making Jinki want to sick up. With a sigh, he decides to bug Kibum again because he has to do something to get his mind of Minho.
Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: pg-13, series
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