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a boy brushed in red... 2/3

Title: a boy brushed in red... (2/3)
Author: argh (@ oneuldo)
Rating: NC-17
Length: 6,104 words (total word count: 13,867)
Pairing: Onew/Minho
Summary/Notes: This is a story about the darker shades of black and white, where people are punished for misunderstandings...
Warnings: whipping scene 8DDD *cackles*
Dedications: this was written for the wonderful eechiyo ♥ who requested it over at onho. This fic, idk somehow means a lot to me^^; maybe because it was such a challenge to write it? But either way^^; *huggles* thank you eechiyo for being so awesome^^ and patient~ ♥

And a massive thank you to sacryde for helping me with the whipping scene! I'd be so lost without you bb~♥! And thank you to olebade for beta-ing this for me ♥

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A boy brushed in red…


For eechiyo ♥ :D


Days later and Jinki never gave Minho a chance to explain himself. He refused to talk to him unless it was work related. He saw Minho sigh. He overheard him telling Taemin that Jinki ignoring him was his punishment. Even though the manager had told Jinki he no longer needed to punish Minho, that the situation had been resolved, he still wanted to punish him anyway. His anger (and jealousy) was not going to go away any time soon. He wanted to go through with it. Jinki could see the surprise on Minho’s face when he tapped him on the shoulder and told him to follow him. It was the first time Jinki had talked to him for days, so he got up immediately, following the older boy.

No one else was home, but Jinki still shut and locked the bedroom door behind him. He stretched his fingers out, ignoring the hopeful glances Minho shot him. It was the first time Jinki had talked to Minho in days and even allowed himself to look at him properly. It was so hard because no matter how wrong Minho had acted, he still loved him. He still wanted Minho so much.

Minho looked tired, but he was so gorgeous. Jinki just wanted to forgive him and not go through with this. He felt nervous, too, but then he remembered that photo. He didn’t even need to look at it now; he had looked at it so many times it was burned in his memory. He swallowed and felt all that anger for Minho bubbling up inside him again. There was anger, jealousy, hurt and upset feelings all mixed in together to create a wave of powerful emotions.

“Turn around, Minho.” Jinki instructed coldly, and then when Minho turned around, he walked over, grabbing his wrists lightly. “Shut your eyes.” he added a moment later, sighing softly when Minho did exactly as he requested. Jinki could feel his heart racing. He breathed in slowly and evenly, trying to calm himself down. He crouched down and tied his ankles to the bedposts, looping the rope so he couldn’t wiggle his feet free.

Jinki glanced up, surprised that Minho had not said anything, but he figured that through his jeans he possibly couldn’t feel what Jinki had just done. Jinki swallowed as he stood up, reaching to restrain Minho’s wrists against the top of the bedpost, blinking as he cuffed his wrists firmly in place. As soon as the lock clicked, Minho’s eyes opened in surprise. He looked shocked to see that he was now tied to the bedpost, unable to escape.

“Hyung, what is going on?”

“I told you,” Jinki sighed softly, sounding exhausted, “I’m going to punish you.”

“Hyung! Hyung, what are you doing? Why are you doing this?” Minho sounded a lot less calm, he sounded hysterical in fact, but also slightly excited. Jinki was surprised to hear excitement in his voice, but it was there. He knew he wasn’t imagining it because he knew every nuance of Minho’s voice. Hearing that excitement made him feel a tremor deep inside his core, but he ignored it, trying to focus on the hard part; punishing Minho.

“Minho, I just told you. I’m going to punish you. Because I think you deserve it.” Jinki sounded tired when he spoke, but there was an underlying intensity to his voice which sent shivers running down Minho’s spine. Minho’s first thought was that Jinki was going to fuck him. He had joked about tying Minho up and doing that. He shuddered, feeling so turned on by that thought.

Jinki stretched his fingers, ignoring the way Minho was twisting against the cuffs, trying to turn around and work out what was going on. Minho sounded surprised and shocked, and part of Jinki knew he should feel bad for what he was going to do, but he just felt angry and justified. Maybe it made no sense to anyone else, but the punishment seemed fitting to him. He looked across at Minho, knowing that he probably thought that he was going to enjoy this, but Jinki knew he probably would not. It filled him with some sense of satisfaction as he saw Minho restrained and unable to do anything since Jinki knew he was such a sucker for being in control, but he was completely helpless.

Jinki sucked in a deep breath, realising he should stop staring at Minho. He stepped up to the taller boy, he stood there for a moment, collecting his thoughts. He reached around Minho’s body, unbuckling his belt, ignoring the soft noises the other boy let out as he unzipped his jeans. It was so hard to be clinical, so hard not to stroke his hands down the firm thighs that were revealed under the tight jeans. His fingers shook slightly as he slid Minho’s underwear down his toned legs. It had been so long since Jinki had seen Minho naked (only a few days, but for Jinki it was too long), and for a minute or two, he just stared, drinking the in the sight of Minho half naked. The firm, pale buttocks, the muscular, slender thighs, those long legs that Jinki loved to touch, well, he loved to touch all of Minho, but especially his legs. He swallowed and then realised he was getting distracted. Then he remembered that photo, he felt slightly sick as he felt gusts of anger and hurt rising up inside his chest.

It hurt when he thought about how perfect things had been; he loved Minho so much. It was the real deal for Jinki. He felt sure that he would never love anyone again. It filled him with so much anger and hurt when he thought about how Minho had just trashed that and how he had just disregarded his love. At times, it made him hurt so much, but then he would feel the anger building up again, so he just wanted to hurt Minho. He sighed softly. His fingers reached out to cup Minho’s butt, but he stopped them centimetres away from his skin, tracing the air around his body delicately, only allowing himself that little moment before the punishment began. He only let himself have that almost tender moment before the heartbreaking image filled his mind, his anger taking over again.

His hands shook lightly as he stepped back from Minho, opening the wardrobe and carefully pulling out the concealed equipment. He felt a strange thrill slide coldly down his spine as he picked it up and took it out of the wardrobe, his fingers squeezing around the end of the leather. He gripped it so tightly that his knuckles turned white as he glanced across at Minho, handcuffed in position against the bed. He stood with his legs parted slightly, his short shirt ended above the curve of his butt. Jinki loosened his grip as he stood there, silently surveying the man he loved, the man who had cruelly and coldly crushed his heart into a million fragments. He breathed in deeply, still feeling so much anger as he watched Minho twitch slightly, and Jinki was not sure if it was nerves or excitement that made him fidget like that.

Minho half turned, his feet wriggling against the ropes, and Jinki swallowed seeing the jut of his cock, frowning as he saw that Minho was half hard. He tried to ignore that, angling his body so he was standing parallel to Minho. He gripped the leather gently in his hand, swinging it experimentally back. He gave no warning, he said nothing at all, and with a simple flick of his wrist, his arm angled just so. He watched and marvelled as the whip flew through the air in an arc.

It slid through the air so elegantly. Jinki watched it, mesmerised, as it made a loud cracking sound (which he noticed made Minho jump) before it smacked right across his butt. Minho yelped in pain, his voice sounded shocked and full of hurt as he jerked forward instinctively away from the whip. Jinki watched as the end of the whip wrapped around his butt and almost around his hip, before it swung away from Minho’s body quickly. Jinki noted with some satisfaction how Minho had jumped again. There was a slight red mark across his butt.

He swallowed and swapped hands. Flicking his wrist back with almost no effort, he watched the leather arch through the air again, biting his lip as it touched down against Minho’s butt for a second. Jinki watched Minho’s upper body sag. He let his head drop down, wincing as the whip lashed out against his butt, leaving another faint red mark across his perfectly formed butt. It amazed Jinki how little effort he had to use to touch Minho like that. How such a small flick of his wrist could make Minho whimper in response and leave a visible mark across his beautiful skin.

Jinki felt invigorated. It felt as if he was touching Minho’s body with a longer version of his arm, as if he was slapping him. It relieved some of his anger. However, there was still more anger burning inside of him, but he felt better. He trembled slightly with adrenaline as he heard how ragged Minho’s breathing was and the way he struggled against the handcuffs as if he wanted to escape. In some dark recess of his mind, Jinki found that he enjoyed the noises Minho made. He felt this desire to run his hands all over Minho’s body and claim him as his again.

Minho’s eyes slid shut, he hissed as the whip hit his flesh again. He could feel the sting of the leather biting into his rear painfully. Each crack of the whip sent shooting tingles down into his body. He tried to stand firm against the prickling sensations, but it felt uncomfortable; the way the whip would bite into his skin, burning his flesh with every contact. Minho bit down into his lip, determined not to moan too loudly. But it was hard, it was so hard with his boyfriend reining hurtful blows across his skin. It hurt that Jinki was doing this, that Jinki was still acting so cold and uncaring towards him. As if that was not enough, now he was whipping him, each stroke landing firmly against his butt and igniting sparks across his seared skin. He couldn’t help but buckle forward, his knees trembling as his legs bore the brunt of holding him upright.

He lost count of how many strokes it had been, but he couldn’t help but shudder as Jinki continued to whip him. The belt landed with alarming accuracy on his backside. Each stroke sent flares of shuddery tingles sliding down his butt. He kept twisting, trying to escape from the lashes, but his wrists and ankles were so firmly restrained that there was nothing he could do but give in. He was completely powerless, there was nothing he could do but let Jinki continue to hurt and punish him. The whip flew repeatedly in the air as Jinki sent it through the air to land with vicious precision on Minho’s sore and reddened backside.

Minho gritted his teeth and tried so hard not to scream out in pain or let any noise out as his lover let the whip fly again. He could hear the hiss of it through the air and a crack seconds before it ate into his tender and sore flesh. Each motion of the whip caused his butt to throb hotly. His skin felt so hot and burnt that he was sure you could fry an egg on his ass. He sucked in a deep breath and tried to stand stiff, but it was so hard not to whimper when he heard the hiss of the whip. He knew in seconds he would feel the intense heat of the whip attacking him.

His body involuntarily jerked forward with each lash of the whip, his butt ached and throbbed with pain, and each lash felt like an electric shock biting into his skin. Minho shuddered and opened his eyes, trying so hard to not give Jinki the satisfaction of making any noise, but the burning in his backside made it hard. He was sure he must be bleeding and he could feel deep welts forming on his backside. Shivers ran down his spine. He was sweating so much even though he was just standing there motionless. His brain felt exhausted and tired, he could not even think of how many times Jinki had whipped him. All he could focus on was the intense throbbing radiating out from his backside and how in some sick way, he actually liked it.

He heard Jinki moving behind him, the rasping of his heavy breathing, and Minho tensed his body again, his wrists shaking painfully in the handcuffs as he tried to prepare for the next blow. Minho had never expected Jinki to be capable of something like this, capable of actually punishing him. It surprised and shocked him. He realised that whatever Jinki thought he had done had hurt the older so badly. He knew Jinki would never be able to do this unless he was under an immense amount of pain and hurting deeply. Minho sucked in a deep breath, squeezing his eyes shut, trying to relax his body, but his limbs would not relax.

He could hear Jinki breathing, he could hear him behind him, he tried so hard not to tremble, but when he heard the whoosh of the whip, he couldn’t help but shake slightly. Time felt so slow to Minho, as if it had slowed down so he could feel this punishment more intensely. It felt like torture the way Jinki would wait, let time trickle past, punctuated with Minho’s heavy breathing, before flicking his wrist again. It made it go on longer and slower for Minho. Those seconds or minutes in between each stroke made him more aware of the searing sensations in his butt. Minho arched his head back, trying to prepare for the blow, but when it landed, he howled out in pain. His head reeling back as the whip’s impact singed his skin. He felt the edge of the leather biting into his rear, it stung across his backside, and the pain intensified and continued up his body.

He could feel the pain everywhere now. He sucked in a deep breath, trying to mentally prepare for the next blow. He had no idea how long it would go on for, how long he had been stuck like this, but his wrists ached, and his backside was on fire. It was starting to feel like an eternity. Each lashing stretched out to an eternity, but he found the moments in between the hardest; when he stood tense, waiting and wondering when Jinki would move again. He shivered and panted loudly, keeping his body perfectly still as he heard Jinki walking behind him again. He stood there, stiff and tense, waiting for a blow to land, waiting for the whip to attack his aching body, but it never struck.

He slumped forward, resigned, sucking in a deep lungful of air as there was a break. Minho did not want to get his hopes up that it was over, but he was relieved to have a break. His limbs were trembling and shaking slightly, and when he went to move his legs, pain shot up his backside. He moaned and dropped his head down, still breathing heavily. He felt slightly disgusted that he was still half hard. It made no rational sense. Jinki was whipping him and it hurt, but at the same time, it was somehow turning him on. Minho swallowed and wondered if it was hearing the way Jinki sucked in deep breathes or just the fact that it was Jinki doing it to him.

Minho wanted to be free. He wriggled his feet and could feel that the ropes twisted around his legs were secure. There was no way he could get them free and kick at Jinki. The jeans pooled around his legs did not help either. He tried to focus, he tried to think rationally about why Jinki was doing this, but his head felt so dazed and confused as if there was a fog in front of his eyes and thoughts so that he saw everything through a grey mist. He exhaled loudly, his ragged breathing the only sound as he shook his head, trying to clear the fog away. It didn’t work. His mind still felt so fuzzy and confused. He struggled to understand why he was being punished. He tried to think about his actions and how he had hurt Jinki, but an opaque film obscured his mind, making it difficult.

Minho was shaken out of his thoughts when he heard the crack and then seconds later felt the sharp sting of the whip. He tensed immediately, unaware that doing so made his butt look even more desirable to Jinki. The way he stood with his legs slightly parted and holding his body so tense only made his red and sore butt look even more perfect in Jinki’s eyes. Jinki sucked in a deep breath, shuddering as he eyed his ex lovers beautiful body. The way his handcuffed hands accentuated the muscles in his arms, and the way his gorgeous firm butt was on display. He licked his lips softly and then moved his wrist back, feeling adrenaline flooding his body as he angled the whip and sent it soaring through the air.

Minho tilted his head back and sighed, struggling with the handcuffs. He yelped softly as he felt the full force of the whip against his butt again. He found it hard to just stand there and take it. He wanted to escape, but he knew it was futile. He was completely at the mercy of his lover. He was completely at the mercy of Jinki, and there was nothing he could do about it. He shuddered again when Jinki’s hand released the whip. It lashed hard against the top of his butt, causing splinters of agony to sink into his skin.

“Hyung,” Minho panted as he slumped forward, his eyes squeezed shut. He could feel sweat trickling down his face and body. “Hyung, why… why are you doing this. I already…” He groaned when he felt Jinki’s hand touch his wrist. He opened his eyes to see Jinki standing soundlessly beside him, a little key in his hands. “I already explained it to the manager. It’s not what you think, none of this is, but why won’t you let me explain it?” It frustrated Minho how Jinki would not let him explain, but he didn’t think that that alone could be the reason for this.

Jinki didn’t reply. Instead, he went to unlock the handcuffs, and Minho stood up straighter, feeling relieved it was finally over. His legs felt shaky and weak. He realised that it had taken a lot out of him. It took him a few minutes to come to his sense and for his limbs to stop shaking. He eyed Jinki carefully. His butt still throbbed intensely, but he had never imagined that Jinki had a side like that to him. It made him look at the other boy very differently. He sighed in relief when his wrists and ankles were freed. He groaned and rubbed at his wrists before he noticed that Jinki was walking away as if he was going to leave the room, which was the last thing that he wanted.

“Hyung.” Minho frowned, he hated things being so messed up between them. He hated how Jinki refused to talk to him. He missed his boyfriend so much. Minho still did not know why Jinki was mad at him. He did not think it could be over those photos, but he was not sure because Jinki was ignoring him. He guessed part of it could be that, but he wondered if there was something bigger going on that he knew nothing about because nothing made any sense to him. He had never seen Jinki this angry or upset before. He hoped it was nothing to do with his parents or friends saying things to upset him.

“Wait, wait, hyung.” Minho bit down into his lip as he finally moved. It hurt not only because he had just been whipped, but because he had been standing in the same position for a while. He quickly stepped out of his trousers, ignoring the way pain flared up in his body as he walked over to where Jinki was trying to unlock the door. For some unknown reason, he could see that Jinki was struggling with the door, which made no sense; it was literally a five second job. He reached out and grabbed a hold of Jinki’s wrist, forcefully stopping him as he tugged on his arm. He frowned as he saw how Jinki avoided looking at him, his eyes looking past Minho as if he was invisible.

“Hyung, we have to sort things out.” Minho frowned and grabbed Jinki’s arm harder, wondering why the older boy was staring at the wall and not him. If anyone should be embarrassed, he figured it should be him; he was half naked after all. He wanted to growl and force Jinki to look at him. He could not bear this any longer. They had to sort things out. Things could not go on the way they were. “You have to let me explain it, hyung, you have to. I mean, it’s just not fair if you won’t even let me say anything.”

“There… is nothing to sort out. There is nothing to explain. We’re finished, Minho, there is nothing between us now.”

Minho’s eyes widened in surprise when he heard that; he was so stunned he almost flopped down on the bed. His limbs felt so weak, it just hurt so much to hear those words. He swallowed, thinking that Jinki obviously had no feelings for him anymore. He gasped; feeling hurt and upset, realising it explained why Jinki had been so cold and weird towards him lately. Minho felt heartbroken and nodded his head slowly, realising there was nothing he could do if Jinki no longer liked him. His heart felt like it had been destroyed. It hurt more than his butt. Minho swallowed and looked up to see Jinki’s face, hurt filling his expression. To his surprise, he saw Jinki glancing sideways at him, looking upset and as if he did not want to be caught looking.

He blinked as he saw Jinki was sneakily staring at his body. The way he swallowed, looking uncomfortable as he stared at Minho’s body, just confused the hell out of him. He frowned, watching as Jinki’s eyes swept over his thighs again and the way he would immediately look away, but seconds later he would look again, as if he could not stop staring. Minho frowned, cautiously looking at Jinki. It made him wonder if he was being honest. Why was Jinki staring at him like that if he no longer liked him?

“Oh,” Minho swallowed again and then frowned across at Jinki, “Hyung, look at me.” He reached for Jinki’s arm, fingers taking hold of the slender arm easily. Jinki’s head jerked up in surprise. His eyes looked so sad as he met Minho’s gaze.

Minho gripped Jinki’s wrist harder and held it as he half turned so that Jinki could see his stinging backside. “Look,” he said louder, “Look at what you did to me.” He tugged Jinki’s hand and slid it closer, brushing his fingers across his ass. It made Minho hiss softly, but it was worth it because when he turned his head to look at Jinki, he could see that he was biting his lip and just staring intently at Minho’s body. The expression in his eyes spoke volumes, and Minho sighed slightly as he gazed into Jinki’s eyes, studying the irises. He felt so relieved to see the tender expression in Jinki’s eyes and the way he looked at him with such longing.

Jinki couldn’t help himself. He reached out and slid his fingers across a red mark on Minho’s backside. He traced his fingers along the latticework of red, just touching his firm butt and getting completely distracted by Minho. He sucked in a deep breath, his hand freezing against Minho’s body. He knew he had to run now before it was too late, but he felt rooted to the spot, his feet refusing to move. His fingers just wanted to touch Minho. He exhaled and just stared across at Minho. It was so hard not to be drawn to the younger boy; he drew Jinki like a moth to a flame.

Jinki felt his mouth watering as he tried so hard to control his urges and not stare at that firm butt. It somehow looked even more attractive with the red marks across it. He inhaled, his fingertips gliding across Minho’s butt again. Unconsciously, he licked his lips. It had been so long since he had touched Minho. He could not help but get hard even though he told himself not to respond to Minho.

“Hyung.” Minho half turned again and held back a smile as he saw the telltale bulge forming in Jinki’s pants. Oh, it was impossible for Jinki to hide something that big. “Hyung, I know you want me,” he whispered, his voice coming out all husky. He squeezed Jinki’s wrist lightly. “I’ve missed you so much,” Minho murmured. Then he turned around and stepped closer to Jinki, pressing a hand to his waist. Jinki tensed slightly at the contact, but he didn’t move away. Minho could see the desire flickering in his eyes. He could tell that he wanted him, too, from the way his lips quivered slightly.

“No. We can’t. What about…” Jinki did not want to say it, but he did anyway. “What about your girlfriend?” he sneered. “Or are you going to cheat on her too?” He went to slap Minho’s hand away, but the taller just wrapped his arms around his waist and hugged Jinki, not letting him escape. Jinki found it hard to stay stiff when he just wanted to melt into Minho’s arms and cling to him. “Minho, let go. I told you, we’re finished.” Jinki muttered, his voice firm but slightly shaky.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Minho frowned, pulling Jinki further into his arms. “Hyung, I missed you,” he murmured, leaning in close to Jinki’s face, feeling the rush of adrenaline as he smiled. Holding Jinki in his arms again made him forget about the throbbing in his backside. Instead, he just felt the thump of his heart and this strong urge to kiss Jinki.

“Minho, let go, we can’t! I don’t want this or you.” Jinki tried to speak firmly. He tried to jerk out of Minho’s arms, but the taller boy just clung to him. He tried to hold back a moan as Minho inched his thigh in between Jinki’s legs, rubbing it sensually against his bulge. “Minho!” Jinki whined, his hands tightening on Minho’s arms and then loosening again. It was obvious he was trying to push him away, because it was what he deemed was the right thing to do.

“Well, that’s not what your body says,” Minho murmured as he leaned in to kiss down Jinki’s neck. “Admit it, hyung, you want me. You fucking want me. So just fucking admit it already.” He smirked as he kissed Jinki’s neck, shutting his eyes because he knew he was right. Minho felt relieved. He had been worried for a while that Jinki did not want him anymore. He leaned in to kiss Jinki’s neck again. When the older boy pushed him back, he lost his balance and fall backwards.

Minho’s eyes widened as he started to fall. He grabbed Jinki’s arm, bringing him down with him. He yelped loudly when his bare butt hit the bed. Jinki landed right on top of him, making him wince. Minho hissed from the contact; the way Jinki’s elbow nudged his stomach, his butt throbbing against the sheets. He groaned, rolling away from Jinki, flipping over onto his stomach. His butt was on fire now. He bit down into his lip as he craned his head around to try and look at it. Minho whined slightly as he gingerly touched his butt. It felt like a thousand needles were stabbing him. He let out a strangled sound when Jinki’s hand touched his waist, making Minho tense as his fingers stroked down his butt lightly.

Jinki couldn’t help but stare at Minho’s body, his mouth watering as he saw him lying there. He just wanted to touch every part of him. He swallowed and tried not to feel so sad that this was the last time. He traced his fingertips delicately across his skin, not noticing how Minho eyed him hungrily. Jinki was surprised when he suddenly found himself on his back with Minho lying half on top of him. Jinki’s eyes widened in surprise as Minho pinned him down.

Jinki held back a moan, his head spinning as he panicked and tried to work out how this happened. Well, he knew how it happened, but how he had failed to stop himself from falling into his position. He was meant to be getting over Minho, not getting into compromising positions with him. He breathed in deeply, trying to calm his heart down as he tried to get up right away. He had to run now. He had to escape because, oh god, he wanted Minho so badly, but it was so wrong.

He went to get up, to escape before he was lost completely, but Minho’s hands clung to his waist, holding him firmly in place. Jinki wriggled, trying to free himself, but all his movement just caused him to snare himself more. It was a losing battle; one that Jinki knew was failed from the start simply because he wanted Minho so badly. He gasped as their hips pressed together again. He felt himself sinking deeper into Minho’s arms, giving in to his needs completely. He stared down into Minho’s determined eyes, watching him bite down into his lip as he manoeuvred their bodies together. Jinki never wanted to move, he never wanted to give this up. The way Minho felt under him just blew his mind. He knew he was never going to win against his heart when his heart was so firmly attached to Minho.

Jinki swore softly and stopped struggling. It was futile when he wanted Minho. He knew he could not walk away. This is the last time. This is just to say goodbye. Fuck, we’re over. We’re over after this. It’s just goodbye sex, that’s all it can be! He swallowed, his hands shaking as he reached for Minho’s face. He cupped it lightly, stroking his jaw. Minho nuzzled up into the touch, his eyes sliding shut gently. The touch was so tender, so delicate, and such a contrast to Jinki’s earlier punishment. He sighed contentedly and leaned up into the touch, doing his best to ignore his butt and the way it still throbbed. He did not want to say anything because he was just so happy that Jinki was right there touching him.

Jinki rocked his hips up against Minho’s harder, jerking his head back from the contact. It felt so good, he could lie there all day and just savour the way Minho’s hips flicked down to meet his. Minho’s eyes were dark and full of emotion, and Jinki ached when he thought about how this was the last time; the last time they would be doing this. He felt this longing to just kiss him so he could taste Minho and forever savour that musky pine taste. He leaned up to kiss him, but when Minho lifted his chest to move, he swapped their positions around again, forcing Minho onto his back. Jinki hovered over him, panting heavily, wanting to kiss him desperately even if Minho’s eyes looked pained.

“Hyung,” Minho bit into his lip, “Do you think… we could move?” He sounded out of breath, but Jinki realised that he was probably hurting. He blinked and then nodded his head, pulling away from Minho immediately. He watched as Minho sat up, groaning softly. He felt guilty for not thinking. He realised he should not have flipped him over like that. Jinki bit into his lip, watching as Minho stood up with his back facing Jinki as he tugged his shirt off. Jinki swallowed, wondering it was right to think that Minho’s ass looked even hotter tinged with red marks. He figured it must be sick or something to think that, but he couldn’t help himself. He watched Minho’s back, the muscles flexing as he lifted his arms up tug the shirt off his head. Jinki sighed, deciding that from the point on, he would have to avoid Minho shirtless, because otherwise he would not cope.

Minho turned around, smirking as he heard Jinki breathe. He could see how worked up he was. He pushed Jinki down flat on his back, his fingers eagerly tugging his shirt up to reveal his heaving chest and the glorious defined muscles of his stomach. Minho’s fingers ghosted above his skin, itching to touch him. He sucked in a deep breath, unable to tear his eyes away from Jinki. He felt so glad he had stopped Jinki from leaving the room.

“Minho, should we even be doing this?” Jinki asked, sucking in a deep breath as Minho traced his fingers down across Jinki’s flat torso, following the lines of his muscles and then stroking along the curve of his ribs. Minho enjoyed watching the way Jinki reacted to the touches, how his chest rose up and he breathed out so audibly.

“Minho?” Jinki gulped softly, as one of Minho’s hands circled his nipple. He felt the other one stroking lightly down his stomach, right down the centre of his body, making him feel so alive. It was only when he was with Minho that he felt this exhilaration and happiness that he was alive. He never felt more energetic than when he was with Minho. His skin was so sensitive, and the way Minho’s fingertips caressed his torso sent shivers running down his body. It took all his efforts to speak as Minho’s hand started to slip into his jeans.

“Why not?” Minho frowned. He lifted both of his hands from Jinki’s body. Before the older boy could answer, he unbuttoned the top of his jeans, slowly sliding the zip down, guiding it carefully over his erect cock. Jinki felt slightly embarrassed by how hard he was, but the way Minho licked his lips made his embarrassment disappear. He also thought it was perfectly justified because he hadn’t been with Minho for decades (read: days).

“No one is home, it’s the perfect time.” Minho practically purred as he wrestled Jinki out of his jeans, a look of satisfaction across his face as he eyed the older boy’s erection straining in his boxers. Minho smiled down at him, enjoying the view. There was something insanely sexy about Jinki lying there on his back, staring up at him with those needy, desperate eyes. He smirked and then leaned over Jinki to tug his shirt up, gently lifting his arms up to tug it over his head.

“That… wasn’t what I meant.” Jinki frowned, half sitting up. He reached for Minho’s wrists, pulling him down onto the bed next to him. He wondered how he was going to cope, how he was going to survive in the same dorm as Minho and not be able to touch him, and not be able to kiss him or do anything more. He swallowed. It was so hard. He knew it was wrong. Minho was taken, but he could not say no, he could not resist him, especially when he was so beautiful and naked. Jinki shivered slightly as Minho lay beside him on the bed. His fingers curled into the older boy’s hip, and Jinki found that he was reaching for Minho’s body too. This has to be the last time. The last time I do anything with him. Oh, god, it’s so wrong, but I can’t say no. I want this so badly.

to be continued... :c

next part: { three }
Tags: !fanfic, pairing: minji, rating: nc-17, request, short series
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